The following information is a fan fiction movie. It is being left here for the moment since an administrator is not available to set a policy about whether fan fiction is allowed or not, but it should not be considered part of the official series.

[The movie starts with a 1998 logo of Warner Bros. Pictures is first logo, Cartoon Network logo is second logo and a 2011 logo of Sony Picture Animation is a last logo before film starts]

Outside the School Edit

[The movie starts with the whole student body is shown outside where a lot of talking and crowdness showing up to see what is going down]

  • Adam: [voice over] Have you ever been who is left...of unique fits perfect by its power world? But it is painful, right? Except if you'll like by vision of world. And within by himself I'll be shown as a kid in animal school, to be... [While the camera pans it to the left and right]
  • Adam: I don't know, Lupe. I think Principal Pixiefrog had to let us stay outside for a while. I think it's something important.
  • Jake: Well, yeah! Because something strange is going to happen over Townsville.
  • Ingrid: Jakes right, Adam.
  • Windsor: We can sense fear about our nightmares.
  • Cree: Or maybe an attack is coming.
  • Joanna: Yeah! We could get killeeedddd!
  • Janet: It's okay, Joanna! We'll find out what it is.
  • Cody: Uh, you can even call theeeeeeee...... FBI and uhhhhhhhh...... [drools] call to them and find out was happening,
  • Christopher: I did that myself.
  • Adam: Yes! We could find out what's happening!

[Zooms out back out to the whole student body talking about what's happening where Principal Pixiefrog is shown jumping to the seat, uses a megaphone.]

  • Principal Pixiefrog: Attention, all! [the students stop talking and look to Principal Pixiefrog.] Some of you may have notice that CDMS has a participation about getting a new security code over our school and firstly I have invented the [close up to the blue and black security code button machine to the CDMS doors with Pixiefrog's hands showing the 3X00.] 3X00! Yes, that's right! When every student in CDMS has to go in, all of you will try to press the button each time to get in there if you're late or something whatever. [Back to, Pixiefrog's back side of his body.] Now I should demonstrate the button. Watch this! [turns around and goes to the 3X00 and presses the buttons to figure out the random code.] Okay, now to open the doors. [Jumps to open the doors but it's stuck.] Hmm... that's strange! I've never noticed about the random code like that before. In fact, if the only student couldn't go in there, they would freeze to death.

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