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My Feral Lyon isth episode 4a of season 4.


Adam joins an after-school club for tough cats but later finds himself as a scapegoat for the cats' greed when the Wild Cats try to steal everything out of Charles Darwin Middle School. Can Adam stop them?


  • Look fast: After Adam used Jakes chaps to capture the Wild Cats, Jake looks like He has a diaper.
  • Teddy Truman has a brief, non-speaking cameo appearance in.
  • Billboard Gag: Guard Hog on Duty.


Adam Lyon briefly acts very weird in this episode. The reason why he does is revealed retro-actively in Human Behavior.


  • Coach Gills sings: Don't ever talk to feral cats or let them in your home. They'll take your last possession and then they'll take some more. They'll take and take and take and take and take until you cry. So don't ever talk to feral cats (operatically) unless you want to die!
  • Adam after realizing he's been tricked: I am such an idiot! (Echoes) Jake: But you mean well!

Mrs. Warthog: Take it from me, Jake. Seatless chaps are never a good idea! Cowboy: Jerk!

  • Adam looks to Jake Spidermonkey wearing a school guard uniform: You mean after everything I did, you're not going to wear the uniform I got you?! Jake: What can I say? I'm a slave to fashion.

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