Mr. Cheetah
Mr. Cheetah


Mr. Cheetah






Horace Ferret


Principal Pixiefrog
Coach Gills

Voice Actor

John DiMaggio

Mr. Cheetah is the substitute for Horace Ferret. He appeared in "Lie, Cheetah, Steal". He is voiced by John DiMaggio.


Mr. Cheetah is the training coach of Horace Ferret. One time, Cheetah overworked Horace and put him in a cast and bandages, deeming him unfit for work. So, Mr. Cheetah made it up to him by substituting for him at CDMS. When Coach Gills first met him, she fell madly in love, adoring his appearance, his athleticism, and everything else. Gills was honored to have Cheetah as an assistant coach, not just for this, but also because he was extremely useful, when it came to motivating students, and was able to successfully make all of them get completely ripped. However, Mr. Cheetah was becoming an even better coach that Coach Gills, coming across with a nicer and more positive approach, as opposed to Coach Gills' loud, angered screaming. It was in no time at all, he took over her job. Later on, he moved up the chain and got ready to dethrone Principal Pixiefrog and take over the entire school. Luckily, Adam and Jake caught him cheating and his plans were foiled. Cheetah seemed to be okay with that.