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Mellow Fellows is the episode 11b of season 3.


Slips decides that he needs some purpose in his life. After doing some searching, Slips decides to become a Guidance Counselor. Slips is taken under Mr. Mandrill's supervision and becomes a Junior Student Guidance Counselor. But in a bizarre twist of fate, Slips does a much better job at being a Guidance Counselor than Mr. Mandrill has done, and he's fixing all of the students' problems as well, making Mr. Mandrill feel both upstaged and inadequate compared to Slips! Not only that, but it is soon learned that C.D.M.S. can only have one Guidance Counselor at its school at a time, and Mr. Mandrill isn't about to give up his position, so he decides to teach Slips that being a Guidance Counselor isn't as easy as Slips thinks it is. But when Slips still proves to know what he's talking about better than Mr. Mandrill does, the primate finally freaks out and his hairdo turns into an afro. But when Slips sees Mr. Mandrill go crazy, it finally makes Slips realize that the job of a Guidance Counselor is a tough job and Slips really just wants to be a student right now. So Slips gives up his position as a Junior Student Guidance Counselor and lets Mr. Mandrill go back to doing what he does best: being a Guidance Counselor!


  • It's speculated that in CDMS, there are 3,452 students.
  • We learn that Mr. Mandrill has 70s hair.
  • It's speculated that Mr. Mandrill might have been from Kentucky.
  • Running Gag: Mrs. Warthog calling Slips, "Spits".

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