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Five Alive
Season Five, Episode Five
Air date Unaired
Written by Mr. Writer
Directed by Ms. Director
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Episode A
Episode C
Me Adam. You Jake is the 4b episode of the first season.


After being embarrased in his underwear, Adam wanted to play the part of Jungle Guy to impress a girl named Kerry, which is the girl he likes. Jake takes the part away from Adam and now he challenges Jake to a contest to see who is better suited to be Jungle Guy. in the cameo the character warner sister dot (dot warner).


First appearance of Kerry. Adam seems to love her.

It's found out in this episode that there are quite a few humans that aren't too fond of Charles Darwin Middle School.

Jungle Guy is a paroday off of Tarzan.

Credits: A hyena tries out for the role of Jungle Guy, but keeps laughing.

End Spoiler: At the end, Henry Armandillo gets the role for Jungle Guy.

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