Me Adam, You Jake
Season 1, Episode 8
Me Adam, You Jake
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Me Adam, You Jake is the eighth episode of the first season.


Adam takes part in the school play.


After being embarrased in his underwear, Adam wanted to play the part of Jungle Guy to impress Kerry. Jake takes the part away from Adam and now he challenges Jake to a contest to see who is better suited to be Jungle Guy.



Kerry: Adam? Why are you standing on the sidewalk in your underwear?
(Adam, nervously looks around, trying to think of an excuse; looks at Jake)
Jake: I got nothing.

Chad: Nice undies, kid.

Henry: Me ... um, line?
Chameleon: Jungle guy.
Henry: Jungle guy. You ... eh, line?
Chameleon: Next!
Henry: Next! ... Line?
Chameleon: Next!
Henry: Next!
Chameleon: Next!
Henry: Next!

Jake: It looks like you're up, Adam. Break an egg.
Adam: You mean break a leg?
Jake: Why would I want you to break a leg?

Jake: Whoa! I can see the whole stage from up here. Hee hee, Miss Chameleon's going bald.

Adam: Shouldn't Jungle Guy be played by a human?
Chameleon: Mister Lyon, a great actor can transcend the limitations of his species.
Adam: Aw, come on, Miss Chameleon. You don't really believe that, do you?
Chameleon: Mister Lyon, I LIVE IT!!!

Adam: You should support my right to play the human, and forfeit the role.
Jake: Forfeit the role? FORFEIT THE ROLE? What's "forfeit" mean?

Jake: Last one down there's a rotten leg.
Adam: You mean "egg"?
Jake: Egg, leg, leg, egg. I wish you'd make up your mind!

Pixiefrog: Boy, oh, boy, you gentlemen sure are great at acting.
Adam: Gee, thanks Principal Pixiefrog.
Pixiefrog: Acting like fools!

Adam: Let's make a pact.
Jake: That nothing will ever come between us again.
(Kerry literally comes between them)
Kerry: Hi, Adam.

Jake: You couldn't find a seat in a seat factory!


  • The title of this episode is a pun on the famous quote "Me Tarzan, You Jane", from Tarzan.
  • First episode, where Adam and Jake have an encounter with partial nudity. Adam strips down to his underwear at the beginning of the episode, and Jake shaves off all his fur, leaving behind only a loincloth.
  • First appearances of Kerry Anderson and Chad.
  • Windsor does not appear , and Lupe, Slips and Ingrid make brief cameos with no dialogue. Ingrid is makes a brief appearance in the lunchroom, while Adam and Jake save the damsil in distress. She, Lupe and Slips are seen walking away, while Adam complains about Jake winning the role of Jungle Guy.
  • Ending Credits Gag: A hyena tries out for the role of Jungle Guy, but keeps laughing.


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