Marvin Hammy


Marvin Hammy





Voice Actor

Tom Kenny

Marvin Hammy is the secondary member of The Spiffies. He is a sweaty, annoying-voiced pig, voiced by Tom Kenny.


Marvin is a short pink pig with fat cheeks, speckled in freckles. He has the same brown neatly combed hairstyle as every other Spiffy, as well as the gang's matching nerdy glasses. His has a pig snout, which makes a snorting sound, when he laughs and he also has buck teeth. He wears a white shirt with pens in the shirt pocket and brown khakis.


Marvin is a nerdy, obnoxious, asthmatic Spiffy, who acts just as superior as the rest of his crew. He is constantly sweating most of the times. This is due to his species' tendency to sweat, without the use of mud, which he's never been seen rolling in. Marvin's superior attitude leads him to believe he's above mud, combined with his neat-freakiness, preventing him for even wanting to go near a mud puddle. Despite his stupidity, he is still recognized as the second best member of the team, ranking in just below team leader, Phineas, and gets himself more respect on the team than is deserved.

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  • He is one of the few farm animals at the school.
  • Although his last name references to how he's a pig. "Hammy" is also a real word, being an informal term, meaning "overly dramatic".