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Margie Gorilla


Margie Gorilla






Late 20's or Early 30's

Margie Gorilla is the single mother of Windsor Gorilla. She is dating Mr. Mandrill.


Margie was mentioned in "The Notorious Windsor Gorilla", where Windsor Gorilla realized he was dreaming, when he noticed Mr. Mandrill carrying a time out chair and dressing as his mother, donning a brown wig and a pink dress.

Margie didn't appear on screen, but had major significance, in "Mandrill of the House", and was mentioned plentiful times in dialogue. Windsor was experiencing tons of emotional stress, because Margie started dating his school councilor, Maurice Mandrill. Windsor hated Maurice for this, so Maurice tries making amends with him, by bailing him out of school and taking him and his friends on a fun little trip to the Rhino-sance fair. Windsor admitted his greatest fear was Maurice and Margie getting married, which was put to rest, when Maurice said that they've only gone on two dates, making it too early for marriage. It was also revealed that Margie had previously dated Principal Pixiefrog and Mr. Hornbill, who were both very much interested in her, so much so, that Windsor filed restraining orders against them, disallowing them from coming within a 10 yard range of her.

In "Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?", though it was brief and in silence, Margie made her first onscreen appearance. She was seen in the background, accompanying her son at the Student of the Year award ceremony.

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  • It is unknown who Windsor's father is or what happened to him that ended his relationship with Margie. In "Ain't Too Proud to Egg", Windsor started crying over his ways of parenting his egg and claimed "I've become my father", implying that he still must know him and be in contact, possibly due to Margie and Mr. Gorilla undergoing a timeshare ownership, when getting divorced.
  • In "Gorilla of My Dreams", Windsor made it clear that in gorilla culture, when two gorillas get together, romantically, they stick together for life, making it nonsensical for him to have a single mother. In that same episode, it was mentioned that this doesn't apply to teenage gorillas, so Windsor could be the product of a teenage pregnancy. However, since a few school faculty members all dated Margie as an adult, they should've been the victims of an eternal bonding with her, which none of them were. So, it's safe to say this entire rule was abandoned.
  • Margie must be raising two sons, for in "Ingrid Through the Out Door", Windsor had an older brother.