I Fear Pretties
Margaret Rhino, Latanya Hippo and Joanie Ox are three extremely fat, boisterous, and obnoxious girls at Charles Darwin Middle School. They are a Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, and an Ox, respectively. Their first major role was in "I Fear Pretties".


Margaret RhinoEdit

Margaret is a narcissistic Sumatran Rhinoceros, who's obsessed with her appearance and the most emotional of the group. She is quick to offence and can rarely interact with anyone, outside of her soft and cozy trio, without being brought to tears In "I Fear Pretties", Adam misinformed her that her horn was a very priceless valuable, which inflated her ego and made her think she was better than the rest of the pack.

Latanya HippoEdit

Latanya is a hippopotamus, and the fattest of the group, and the quickest to anger. When she gets mad, she starts rampaging and it's best people stay out of her way, since she's the heaviest and can cause the most destruction and injury to whoever gets caught in her line of fire. Whenever she yells, whether it's in anger, excitement, or hunger there's a demonic filter added to her voice, to make her sound more annoying.

Joanie OxEdit

Joanie is an ox, and the dumbest of the group. She talks with a valley girl accent, adding "like" and "totally" everywhere in her sentences.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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