Mandrill of the House
Season 4, Episode 11
Mandrill of the House
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Mandrill of the House is the eleventh episode of season four.


Mr. Mandrill has a "special lady".


Windsor feels both threatened and creeped out by the fact that his single mom is dating Mr. Mandrill! Despite Mr. Mandrill's attempts to reach Windsor and show him how much they have in common, Windsor refuses to believe that Mr. Mandrill's intentions are purely good. But when Windsor looks in the glove compartment of Mr. Mandrill's car, he sees a small gift, and he fears the worst! Windsor fears that his mom will be proposed to by Mr. Mandrill, and Windsor doesn't want to have that happen! Is Windsor jumping to conclusions too soon?



Mr. Mandrill: Now, I'm not a licensed therapist, or even technically qualified as a guidance councilor, but I do know this. For your relationship to succeed, you have to listen, but you also have to hear. Ya dig?
Adam/Jake: No.
Mr. Mandrill: Darn. I was hoping you could explain it to me.

Adam: Hey, Windsor. Did you know that Mr. Mandrill has a special lady? Rawr.
[Windsor flips out and runs off, crying]
Windsor: Whaaa! Whaaa! Whaaa!
Adam: What's wrong with him?
Slips: Oh, he's been that way ever since his mom started dating Mr. Mandrill.
Adam/Jake/Lupe/Ingrid: Zuh?

Jake: Your mom's a single gal. It's inevitable she's gunna date.
Slips: Plus, she's wicked hot.
[Windsor busts out of the bathroom stall and strongly grips Slips by the neck]
Windsor: You take that back.
Slips: Okay, your mom's not wicked hot.
Windsor: Um ... take that back!

Windsor: It's just flat out icky when your mom dates a teacher.
Jake: Yeah, teachers shouldn't date or have real lives.

Adam: Mr. Mandrill isn't really a teacher or a qualified guidance councilor. Actually, I don't know what he's qualified for.

Windsor: Can I go, Mr. Mandrill?
Mr. Mandrill: Please, call me "Maurice".
Windsor: No.
Mr. Mandrill: Then how 'bout "Bob"?
[Windsor throws Mr. Mandrill through a wall]
Mr. Mandrill: I feel like there's a wall between us.

Mr. Mandrill: I've been wanting to talk to you privately, Windsor.
Windsor: Really? Great. Then I'm glad I brought all my friends with me.

[Windsor, Mr. Mandrill, and Slips rip of their clothes, and they apparently have rhino costumes underneath; Adam does the same thing, but ends up revealing his underwear]
Adam: Huh? Great. The one day I forget to wear my rhino costume under my clothes.

[Adam throws a pig in the Rhinossance fair pig toss]
Adam: Woo hoo! Pig toss! Yes! That hamhock is so mine!
[The pig talks to the camera, while flying through the air]
Pig: [deadpan] I remember when I was that enthusiastic.

Windsor: Why don't you wallow around someone else's mudder? Uh ... I mean mud?


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "Man of the House".
  • Windsor collects crystal figurines.
  • It's learned in this episode that Windsor has been raised by a single mother, and her name is Margie. It is also learned that Margie is apparently very hot and both Principal Pixiefrog and Cyrus Q. Hornbill have dated Margie at least once in the past. However, Windsor now has restraining orders against them from getting within 10 yards of his mother. Currently, she's dating Mr. Mandrill and Windsor feels strongly uncomfortable about that.
  • Slips thinks Windsor's mom is "wicked hot". This is the only interest in women he's shown in the series and the closest he's come to having a love interest.
  • Mr. Mandrill teaches sex-ed class, which is euphemistically referred to as "Mating Ritual Class".
  • Mr. Mandrill refers to his middle name being "Bob" again.
  • It's also learned Mr. Mandrill isn't even a qualified guidance councilor.
  • Jiminy Japoopy and Windsor's fandom for him from "Flesh Fur Fantasy" is brought up again.
  • Jiminy's song "Danza is the Boss" is a reference to the 80's sit-com Who's the Boss?.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Mr. Mandrill enjoys Jiminy Japoopy as much as Windsor does and that he used to be one of his backup singers. Mandrill and Windsor also both share the same enthusiasm for Rhino-sance Fairs and both have secret collections of tiny glass animal sculptures.
  • Windsor says that he wears a rhino horn under his hat, so that he can keep it at the protruding, forward leaning angle it's always been at in the show.
  • Billboard Gag: "Now Offering Pilot Whale Flight Training."
  • Credits Gag: Mr. Mandrill and Windsor listening to "Danza in the Boss" in the car.

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