Mandrill of the House
Season 4, Episode 11
Mandrill of the House
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Mandrill of the House is the eleventh episode of season four.


Windsor feels both threatened and creeped out by the fact that his single mom is dating Mr. Mandrill! Despite Mr. Mandrill's attempts to reach Windsor and show him how much they have in common, Windsor refuses to believe that Mr. Mandrill's intentions are purely good. But when Windsor looks in the glove compartment of Mr. Mandrill's car, he sees a small gift, and he fears the worst! Windsor fears that his mom will be proposed to by Mr. Mandrill, and Windsor doesn't want to have that happen! Is Windsor jumping to conclusions too soon?


-End Credits: Windsor is riding along in Mr. Mandrill's car and they're both listening to a Jiminy Japoopy hit song.

  • It is revealed in this episode that Mr. Mandrill enjoys Jiminy Japoopy as much as Windsor does, and they both share the same enthusiasm for Rhino-sance Fairs and both have secret collections of tiny glass animal sculptures.
  • It's learned in this episode that Windsor has been raised by a single mother, and her name is Margie. It is also learned that Margie is apparently very hot and both Principal Pixiefrog and Cyrus Q. Hornbill have dated Margie at least once in the past. However, Windsor now has restraining orders against them from getting within 10 yards of his mother.


Windsor: So let me get this straight, Mr. Mandrill. You mean you're not going to propose to my mother? Mr. Mandrill: Of course not, not yet anyways. We've only gone on two dates and one of them was just sharing coffee so that really doesn't count. I respect your mom and not just because she's hot, but because she's a special woman with a very special boy who loves and cares for her very much. Windsor: Well Mr. Mandrill, I was wrong about you. It just seemed weird to have a teacher dating my mom. I just really needed to get to know you better. And now that I have, I've got to admit that maybe having you in my life wouldn't be so bad after all. Mr. Mandrill: That makes me very happy to hear you say that. (They hug)

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