Lupe in Love
Season 2, Episode 16
Lupe in Love
Air date September 28, 2007
Written by Tom Sheppard
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Lupe in Love is the sixteenth episode of season two.


Lupe falls madly in love with Orlando.


Lupe falls in love with Orlando Parrot, a parrot who is Jake's pet. Orlando usually says that Lupe is a "pretty bird", but is Orlando really commenting on Lupe or someone else? Also, Adam ends up on the Love Doctor, where he and Jake randomly pick students' true loves.


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Lupe: ¡Oye! Corey Vulture, are you even listening to me? What kind of boyfriend are you to pay me no never mind! You think I can't do better than your sorry tail feathers?
(Corey chews his jerky, while completely ignoring Lupe)
Lupe: I said, are you even listening to me!?
Corey: What?
Lupe: That's it! You'd better make your choice, boyfriend! Either me, or that dang rotten bag of meat you love so much!
(Corey looks back and forth at Lupe and his jerky, making a decision)
(In the very next shot, Lupe is seen crying loudly)

Orlando: Pretty bird!
Jake: Pretty monkey!
Adam: Pretty stupid.

(Orlando comments on his owl reflection)
Orlando: Pretty bird! Pretty bird!
(Lupe assumes Orlando is talking about her)
Lupe: You ... you think so?
Orlando: Pretty bird! Pretty bird!
Lupe: Adam, who's your highly intelligent friend?
(Adam looks at Jake)
Adam: Um, is that a trick question?

Lupe: Ah, yes. It's so nice to be in love again. It has been such a long and painful journey, but now that I have found you, I--
(Orlando sees reflection in spoon)
Orlando: Pretty bird! Pretty Bird!
Lupe: Are you hungry, Mi Amore? Claro, of course I will feed you.
(Lupe takes Orlando's spoon and hands him a spoonful of worms)
Orlando: Pretty Bird! Pretty Bird!
Lupe: Aye, Orlandito! Always with the compliments!
(Lupe puts worms in Orlando's mouth)
Lupe: You're so cute!

Adam: I had no idea how desperate people were to find their not so perfect match.
Ingrid: Adam, any ideas who you think I could date?
Jake: No freebies sister! You want advice, sign up for the ...
(A giant cruise ship spontaneously appears in the aquatic hallway)

(Lupe drops to the ground)
Adam: Lupe, are you okay?
Lupe: Yes, yes I am not.

Henry: Well, shoot. Maybe Adam Lyon ain't such a great matchmaker after all.
James: You said it, mister. Good thing Adam offered us all a monkey back guarantee. Refund!
(All the customers chant in protest for a refund)
Customers: Refund! Refund! Refund! Refund!
Jake: Adam ... you offered them WHAT!?

Lupe: What kind of bird steals someone else's ... BIRD!?

Lupe: So, he's no seeing another bird?
Adam: Nope.
Lupe: So then, he doesn't think I'm pretty?
Adam: I ... I guess not. You know, Lupe, it's probably for the best. I mean, to be honest, Orlando doesn't seem all that bright and-
(Lupe becomes infuriated, catching fire and growing bloodshot eyes)
Corey: I think you're pretty, Lupe.
(Lupe's rage instantly stops)
Lupe: (Gasp) Aye, Corey. Do you really like me?
Corey: I'm a vulture, we're not all that picky.


  • First appearance of Lupe's off-again, on-again vulture boyfriend, Corey Vulture.
  • Along with the debut of Corey, Lupe falls in love with Orlando, making him her third love interest in the series, after Jake Spidermonkey and the aforementioned Corey Vulture.
  • Mr. Hornbill's singularity from "Two Tons of Fun" is brought up again, when he is seen as one of the people in line for the Matchmaking Love Doctor.
    • He also dated Miss Chameleon, while on the Live Cruise. However, this quickly ended.
  • Margaret, Latanya and Joanie were paired up with the three Punky Lions.
  • The Love Cruise is a parody on The Love Boat.
  • Adam says he's never had a girlfriend before. However, he inconsensualy dated Margaret, Latanya, and Joanie in "I Fear Pretties".
  • When Lupe cries over realizing Orlando doesn't think she's pretty, her irises become visible, revealing she has brown eyes.
  • Credits Gag: There is an introduction to the Love Cruise similar to that of The Love Boat.
  • During the credits, it's revealed Slips' last name is "Python" and Windsor's last name is "Gorilla".


Headless Ingrid

Headless Ingrid

  • Animation Goof: In one scene, Jake tells Adam that he could make money off of his "match making services". The camera then zooms out, and Jake pulls down a flashing heart shapes sign from the ceiling. For a brief second, after the camera zooms out and the before the sign drops down, Ingrid Giraffe is seen without a head. This is due to the creators choosing to never show the entirety of Ingrid's body, so they never bothered designing a character model of her from head to toe. They usually have a model of her from the neck down, and have the top of her neck, cut off screen or hidden behind a tree, to give off the illusion that Ingrid is fully there, but her height prevents her from being fully shown. However, they made a mistake and showed a bit of a shocking image of a headless giraffe, that can clearly be seen in a frame or two, if paused at exactly the right moment.