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Lupe in Love is the 8b episode of season 2.


Lupe falls in love with Orlando Parrot, a parrot who is Jake's pet. Orlando usually says that Lupe is a "pretty bird", but is Orlando really commenting on Lupe or someone else? Also, Adam ends up on the Love Doctor, where he and Jake randomly pick students' true loves.


First appearance of Lupe's off-again, on-again vulture boyfriend, Corey Vulture.


End Credits: There is an introduction to the Love Cruise similar to that of The Love Boat.


  • Lupe: Ah, yes. It's so nice to be in love again. It has been such a long and painful journey, but now that I have found you, I-- Orlando: (taps beak on spoon) Pretty bird! Pretty Bird! Lupe: Are you hungry, Mi Amor? Claro, of course I will feed you. (Lupe takes Orlando's spoon and hands him a spoonful of worms.

Orlando: Pretty Bird! Pretty Bird! Lupe: Aye, Orlandito! Always with the compliments! (Puts worms in Orlando's mouth) You're so cute!

  • Orlando: Pretty bird!

Jake: Pretty monkey! Adam: Pretty stupid!

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