Little Lord Saucypants
Little Lord Saucypants


Little Lord Saucypants







Little Lord Saucypants (or Saucy for short or Sauce Pan as a nickname) is Jake's wealthy identical cousin, who's gained his riches from being the pet monkey of famous celebrity Dobie Broadway Junior. He appeared in "The Prince and the Pooper". He is voiced by Rick Gomez.


Little Lord Saucypants has the same basic structure as Jake Spidermonkey, only with a darker shade of brown for fur. He has beautiful, neatly combed blond hair, and has big eyes, with very saturated light blue irises, and extremely full black eyelashes. His cheeks are freckled and his teeth, while still crooked and out of place, are whiter and more shiny than Jake's. He wears a white sailor's uniform, complete with a hat, a shirt, and pants. His outfit's secondary color is light blue, which colors his hat ribbon, the bow on his shirt, and the suit's horizontal stripes.


Little Lord Saucypants is a happy dappy, prim and perfect monkey who speaks with the high-pitched, youthful, stereotypical accent of a posh British boy. Just like Adam said, Saucy's been sheltered in his guilded mansion, his whole life dedicating all his time to serving Dobie. Because of this, he's never experienced the basic elements of the real world and was mentally and socially lost, when he was set free. Though he gives his master special treatment with a smile, deep down, he is suffering and wants to escape, which was also exposed, when he was set out into the real world.