Lippy Zebra
Zippy Zebra


Phillip Zebra

Phillip "Lippy" Zebra is a background character and student at Charles Darwin Middle School. His first speaking role was in "The "A" Word".


In "Bad News Bear", Lippy and other students ran out of the way, when the fish tube exploded.

In "The "A" Word", Lippy was one of the students, trying out to be Jake's new best friend, replacing Adam. He offered Jake a Truffles Duvall T-shirt to win him over.

In "Yesterday's Funny Monkey", Lippy used to be a popular comedian, with the hilarious catchphrase, "Hubba Hubba Ho!" However, since that was his only joke, and he refused to accept Dickie's advice to create new material, he quickly declined and ended up performing for the old bucket of chum in the east parking lot.