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Leaf of Absence the 5thb episode of season 2.


Principal Pixiefrog's worst nightmare comes true when Trunks Elephant sues the school successfully because of the elephant grass. He panics, so he takes a break from work while Principal Wolverine does his job. It turns out that the students are not happy with him being in charge because he is making things miserable. Even Mrs. Warthog is miserable, so Adam and Jake try to convince Principal Pixiefrog to go back to work.


  • According to Jake, there were 1,703 Little Annabelle's left and a sale on them would end in three minutes.
  • Principal Pixiefrog lives on Swampgas Lane.
  • Credits: Principal Wolverine flies on an umbrella. He threatens to bite a bird's buttocks off and then an airplane destroys his umbrella.


  • Mills Lane, the number one Nevada boxing referee and referee in Celebrity Deathmatch, made a voiceover when Substitute Principal Wolverine was introduced.
  • Running Gag: Principal Wolverine keeps threatening to bite the animals on the buttocks.
  • We learn Mrs. Warthog is also a Name Dropper.


  • Principal Pixiefrog: (after finding out that he has to pay a court judgment in cashews) Cashews! That's the most expensive kind of nut!
  • Mr. Mandrill: (speaking to Jake and Adam concerning Principal Pixiefrog) Yeah, this is a tough one, little man and little monk. Principal Pixiefrog's whole identity is wrapped up in lawsuit avoidance. It's his (making quotation gestures) raison d'etre.

Jake: (turning to Adam) Is that a breakfast cereal? Adam: I think it's a candy bar.

  • Jake: (jumping and to Adam) I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you! I'm not touching you! I'm not touch---

Adam: Knock it off already! Jake: Ing you.

  • Principal Wolverine: Do I have to bite you on the buttocks?!
  • Jake: (about Principal Wolverine) He's taking your tox, too.

Mrs. Warthog: Worse, he's making me work! Adam: No!

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