Le Switcheroo
Season 2, Episode 1
Le Switcheroo
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Le Switcheroo is the first episode of season two.


Adam and Coach Gills walk a mile in each other's shoes.




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  • First episode of Season 2.
  • Adam and Jake are partnered up in gym, living up to the title of the show. This is the third episode to show them in gym together, following "Chew on This" and "Guano in 60 Seconds".
  • Coach Gills apparently has a homeroom class, even though she teaches physical education.
  • Coach Gills has a signed autograph from a celebrity by the name "Mr. Manly Man", whose picture is a photo of her voice actor, Brian Doyle-Murray.
  • Coach Gills has a picture of Jake in her office, which she uses as a dart board.
  • In this episode, we learn that Charles Darwin Middle School had a Shop Class run by Mr. Grouper, the shop teacher. Unfortunately, the district had cut his fundings causing Mr. Grouper to retire.
  • It's revealed Mr. Mandrill's first name is "Maurice".
  • Adam Lyon can do a perfect voice impression of Coach Gills.