Le Switcheroo
Season 2, Episode 1
Le Switcheroo
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Kerry to Dance?
I Got a New Aptitude
Le Switcheroo is the first episode of season two.


Adam and Coach Gills walk a mile in each other's shoes.





  • First episode of Season 2.
  • Coach Gills apparently has a homeroom class, even though she teaches physical education.
  • Coach Gills has a signed autograph from a celebrity by the name "Mr. Manly Man", whose picture is a photo of her voice actor, Brian Doyle-Murray.
  • Coach Gills has a picture of Jake in her office, which she uses as a dart board.
  • In this episode, we learn that Charles Darwin Middle School had a Shop Class run by Mr. Grouper, the shark teacher. Unfortunately, the district had cut his fundings causing Mr. Grouper to retire.
  • It's revealed Mr. Mandrill's first name is "Maurice".
  • Adam Lyon can do a perfect voice impression of Coach Gills.

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