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Law and Odor is the 6a episode of season 1.


Adam and Jake are sentenced by the Spiffies to do hall monitor duty after receiving a number of school citations. While being monitors, Adam finds that there is a corruption within the hall monitors unit for example, the animals are bribing other animals, so Adam tries to stop it.


  • Billboard gag from "Law and Odor": Welcome back, schooled turtles.
  • Jake offered a shiny thing (note: they are door knobs) to Adam. but from a previous episode named [[Shiny Thing gg, all the door knobs were smashed.
  • The name of the episode is a wordplay of NBC's show "Law and Order".
  • The bear hall monitor talks and sounds much akin to the cartoon character, Yogi Bear. Interestingly, he claims that he was bribed with a picnic basket, which is what Yogi is traditionally shown to contantly steal.


  • Alternate Title for Law and Odor: Law and Odor: Special Hall Monitors Unit.
  • Jake acts strangely when something blocks blood to his brain.
  • The school has its own news program.
  • The Spiffies from Animal Testing return in this episode.
  • Jake reshowed his "shiny thing" from an episode of the same name.
  • Principal Pixiefrog's boat is named the S.S. Carl.


Jake:i an the lamb

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