Larry Monitor Lizard
Larry Monitor Lizard


Larry Monitor Lizard





Voice Actor

Rick Gomez

Larry Monitor Lizard is the corrupt school hall monitor at Charles Darwin Middle School. He debuted "Law and Odor", which was his only major role. After that, he was subject to only a background character.


In "Law and Odor", Larry targeted Jake for his many crimes in the halls. Adam tried to protect him, getting himself in trouble too. They were both punished, by having to do the same job he did. While they did, they realized that Larry and the other hall monitors were corrupt. Larry had connections with certain teachers and students, who would pay them with dirtnuts, in exchange for him letting a criminal go or arresting an undeserving student. Adam tried bribing the dirtnut delivery man, so that there'd be no currency to fuel Larry's corrupt business, but Henry recorded him in action, and broadcast the out of context video on the CDMS news, getting Adam in trouble, while Larry and the other hall monitors were left high and dry.

In "Have Yourself a Joyful Little Animas", Larry made a speaking cameo, saying his favorite part of Animas was hanging up flesh stockings, as he took his shedded skin out.

In "Sick Day", Larry was called on during role call, and every time he said "Present", his snake-like verbal tick caused him to hiss the "s" for a long amount of time.


  • His species being a "Monitor Lizard" is a joke on the fact that he's a "Hall Monitor".