Knights of the Multiplication Table
Season 4, Episode 19
The Knights of the Multiplication Table
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A Very Special Boy
Wild Thing
Knights of the Multiplication Table is the nineteenth episode of season four.


Phinnius Porpoise daydreams that he and his friends are knights, (with Adam as a jester narrator,) trying to save Lady Warthog from a Spider-Dragon. (Which is actually Jake.)


  • Running gags in this episode: Phinnius and the other Spiffies keep trying to avoid all of the adversaries they meet while they travel to defeat the dreaded Spider-Dragon.
  • Billboard gags:Where's Our Marquee Post?!
  • This is the first time Aloysius is actually heard speaking.
  • It's confirmed in this episode by Phinnius Porpoise that the location of My Gym Partner's a Monkey takes place in Glendale, California.
  • This marks the second time we see Phinnius' and Aloysius' eyes but they are normal, not beady.


First time that a 30 minute episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey had a 7/15 minute format instead of the usual 11/11 minute format for two episode segments. In this case, A Very Special Boy was only seven minutes long while Knights of the Multiplication Table was 15 minutes long.


Adam as the Jester: Wait a minute, I just realized something! You guys avoided the Bog Shark, you avoided the Harpies, and you avoided the Two Headed Beast! Have you guys ever ACTUALLY fought in a real battle BEFORE?! The Spiffies:! Adam sarcastically: That's just great!

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