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Kerry to Dance? is the 13th episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It first aired may 26, 2006,


Adam wants to ask Kerry to go to the school dance with him on Saturday, however Ingrid wants him to go with her to the dance. So she tries to persuade him with the help of Lupe. Jake also wants Adam to go with him to the dance because he wants to be with him. But when Kerry asks Adam out, Ingrid and Jake get jealous. Meanwhile, Henry tries to find someone to go to the dance with.


  • Although Jake writes the made-up rule that only human students who attend Charles Darwin Middle School can attend the dance and he does it while Adam is on-screen, Adam didn't seem to notice.
  • Formal costumes are worn to the school dance.
  • The credits are showing pictures from the dance.
  • Strangling someone is a forbidden dance at the party.
  • Kerry's house is seen for the first time.
  • Henry has been stepped on all his life.
  • Lupe, Ingrid, and Kerry become friends in this episode.
  • The theme for the dance is "One Night In The Jungle."
  • 5th appearence of Kerry, and second in a row.
  • The episode title screen has punctuation in this episode.
  • It's revealed that Ingrid has a crush on Adam.
  • This episode is the season one finale.
  • First 30-minute episode.
  • Kerry appears at Adam's The BIG School Animal Party wish.
  • Jake had written down the rule in the rulebook, but if he took Kerry's costume apart, Principal Pixiefrog would allow it.
  • When Lupe holds Ingrid back, she is flying, but not flapping her wings.


Hey, Ingrid, nice glitter. Ingrid: Thanks. It's actually embedded in my corneas. Kerry: (Sighs) Boys are more trouble than they're worth, aren't they? Lupe: Uh-Huh! You said it, sister! Come on, Girlfriends! LET'S DANCE!

Um, Adam? How come nobody else is in costume? Adam chuckles: Um, well, they're already animals, so they just got dressed up. Ingrid: Of all DARE HE?! Lupe: It's a'ight, It's a'ight! Let's not make a scene!

Ingrid bawls: I NEVER WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!! Lupe: Well, more glitter in the eyes should take care of that!

If Kerry see's me, she'll never want to go to the dance with me! Kerry: You want to take me to a dance? Adam: Oh boy.

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