Kerry to Dance?
Season 1, Episode 25
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Kerry to Dance? is the twenty fifth episode of season one and the season one finale.


Adam wants to take Kerry to the dance, but Jake doesn't want Kerry to steal Adam from him. On top of that, Ingrid plans on asking Adam to the dance. Meanwhile, Henry can't get a date, and seeks help from James Ant.


Adam wants to ask Kerry to go to the school dance with him on Saturday, however Ingrid wants him to go with her to the dance. So she tries to persuade him with the help of Lupe. Jake also wants Adam to go with him to the dance because he wants to be with him. But when Kerry asks Adam out, Ingrid and Jake get jealous. Meanwhile, Henry tries to find someone to go to the dance with.


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Adam: I guess that explains why you're wearing the tux already.
Jake: Tux? Guy down at the store called it a monkey suit.

Jake: If you don't give me feedback, I'll never improve!

Ingrid: Lupe, did you hear that? Adam wants to ask a girl to the school dance. Do you think it's me? I mean, think about all the times, he's practically come out and said he loves me.
(Flashback to Adam passing Ingrid in the hall)
Adam: Morning, Ingrid.
(Flashback to Adam breaking his pencil)
Adam: Hey, Ingrid, can I borrow a pencil?
(Flashback to Adam and Ingrid at the school pool)
Adam: Hey, Ingrid, how's the weather up there?

Ingrid: Oh, Lupe. You're so wise.
Lupe: Yes, yes I am.

James: Now all you have to do is choose a Lady and inform her, she'll be attended the dance with you.
Henry: I choose her.
(Henry gestures toward an ugly mantis girl)
James: You mean Sue? She may look sweet, but take it from me, Mister, she'll chew your head off.
Henry: Hmm, well, how 'bout that one?
(Henry gestures toward a scary leech girl)
James: Little Nancy Leech? She's a bit of a clinger, and trust me, she'll bleed you dry.
Henry: Whew. Thanks for the heads up on that one, buddy. Hmm, oh, how 'bout that tall drink of water.
(Henry gestures toward a drinking fountain)
James: Time to get those specs checked, Captain. That's the drinking fountain.

(Adam gets covered in mud)
Adam: Oh no. If Kerry sees me, she'll never go to the dance with me.
Kerry: You wanna take me to a dance, Adam?

Adam: I just asked Kerry to the dance. She said yes.
Jake: (screech) What about the student code book?
Adam: I figured out a way around the code book. Hey, Jake, you're not jealous, are you?
Jake: What? No, me jealous? I'm not jealous. Why would I be jealous? Just because you have a date and I don't? Ha ha, that's ridiculous. Crazy. I would never be jealous of you. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?
Adam: Jake, you could ask a girl to go to the dance.
Jake: A girl? Why don't a just go with a floor lamp? Sheesh! You know what I'll do? I'm gunna go stag.
(Jake turns to a male deer student, named "Stag")
Jake: Hey, Stag, wanna go to the dance?
Stag: What are you, a wisenheimer? I'm going by myself.
Jake: Of course.

Henry: James, I thought those tickets were for our dates.
James: They are, Sport-o.
Henry: So, why are we sellin' 'em?
James: We're not selling tickets, Sunshine. We're selling the pleasure of our company.
Henry: We don't have dates, do we?

Jake: This dance rules! All the dudes are together, just hanging by themselves, like men. Oohoo, it's the most manly thing possible.
Slips: No, man, you're missing the point. This room is full of hotties.
Windsor: No, my friend, you are missing the point. This table is not only a physical barrier, but also, an emotional one. We are exempt from having to deal with preteen courtship rituals by engaging in the monotonous repetition of punch bowl ladling. (A female gorilla passes by, and they give each other romantic stares) Plus, all the hotties come directly to us.

Ingrid: I never wanna see him again!
Lupe: Well more glitter in the eyes should take care of that.

Pixiefrog: The forbidden dance! You know the rules, Mr. Spidermonkey. No contact with your dance partner.

James: Let me take a shot, friend.
Henry: I don't think he even knows my name.

Jake: Ingrid! There you are. I've been looking all over for you.
Ingrid: (sadly) Why would you be looking for me?
Jake: Well, actually Adam's the one looking for ya.
(Ingrid gets struck with shock and is lightly dabbed with hope)
Jake: Yeah, he needs a second giraffe to stand next to this other giraffe, so everyone can see, uh, how much mare giraffey you are.
Ingrid: (excited) You mean, help him decide who he loves more?
(Jake pauses in confusion, and even the background music is completely silenced for a few seconds)
Jake: Uh, sure, whatever you gotta tell yourself.

Ingrid: Oh, she's just a human. Thank goodness. There's no way Adam could be in love with a human.

Adam: Please, Principal Pixiefrog. I didn't mean to break the rules. I just wanted to bring my friend to the dance.
Pixiefrog: Break the rules? What rules?
Adam: Article 72's addendum. Section G, rule 934 of the code of conduct. Only humans that attend Charles Darwin Middle School are allowed to go to the school dance.
Pixiefrog: Everyone knows there's no addendum to article 72, section G, rule 934.
Students: Duh!

Kerry: Hey, Ingrid. Nice glitter.
Ingrid: Thanks, it's actually embedded in my corneas.
Kerry: (sigh) Boys are more trouble than they're worth, aren't they?
Lupe: Uh huh, you said it sister. Come on girlfriends, let's dance!


  • Season one finale.
  • First 30 minute episode.
  • The title is a pun on the phrase "Care to Dance?"
  • Adam tells Jake that he likes Kerry, making him the first person he's ever told about his crush on Kerry.
  • First major appearance of Henry and only major appearance of James.
  • This episode is arguably the nicest Lupe's ever been to Ingrid.
  • Rule #934 of the Student Code of Conduct is "Students are permitted to bring a guest to any school function, so long as that guest, is an animal, mineral, or vegetable." The set of words, chosen for this is a reference to a lyric from the song, "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General".
  • When Jake can't get Adam to accompany him to the dance, he decides to just go stag. "Going stag" is a phrase, meaning to go to a social gathering, in this case a school dance, by yourself. However, it turns out he was actually talking about going with a student named "Stag", who happens to be a deer boy. "Stag" is also be a word for a male deer.
  • Kerry's house is seen for the first time.
  • Principal Pixiefrog strictly forbids physical contact between students.
  • Ingrid claims that giraffes sleep 2 hours a night. She's right, since giraffes usually only sleep between 30 minutes and 5 hours daily.
  • Ingrid's love for Acacia trees is first seen in this episode.
  • Ingrid and Lupe becomes friends with Kerry at the end of the episode, though their friendship is never mentioned again after this, nor to they interact with her.
  • Billboard Gag: "Give us the boy we'll give you the manatee." and later "Large Units Available".
  • The first gag is a play on the phrase, "Give me the child until he's seven and I will give you the man", which has undergone many variants overtime, including "Give us the boy and we'll give you the man."
  • Credits Gag: Couples pictures from the prom.
  • The song "Thanks for Everything" from "She's Koala That" makes a second appearance, playing during the ending credits.
  • Mr. Hornbill and Mrs. Tusk take a couples picture together. This is a callback to "Two Tons of Fun", where it was revealed that Mr. Hornbill had a crush on Mrs. Tusk.