Jiminy Japoopy
Jimminy Japoopy


Jeremiah J. Poopinski





Voiced By

Tom Kenny

Jiminy Japoopy (formerly Jeremiah J. Poopinski) is a celebrity, who became a musical idol in the 70's. Fans of his are called "Japoopy Heads" and the most notable japoopy heads would be Windsor, Mr. Mandrill, and Kerry.


In "Flesh Fur Fantasy", Adam worked the job of a guy in a gorilla suit, to buy tickets to a Jiminy Japoopy concert. Not because he liked him, but because Kerry did and he wanted to take her to a concert. Windsor, however, bought the last tickets, because he was a die-hard fan of his. Windsor had to dress up in costume, when attending his concert, since he got banned from his concerts, after an incident, where he freaked out, went up on stage, and harassed Jiminy. The exact same thing happened, when Windsor made it into the concert again.

In "Mandrill of the House", Mr. Mandrill proved to be as big a Japoopyhead and Windsor, when he played "Danza is the Boss" on his radio. He also revealed to have a history with him, being a backup singer for him in his "Japoopy All Over Europe" tour.

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