"You should know by now, I can't be held responsible for anything I say."
—Jake Spidermonkey
Jake Spidermonkey
Jake Spidermonkey


Jacob P. Spidermonkey


Spider Monkey






Older Brother
Older Sister
Little Lord Saucypants


Adam Lyon
Slips Python
Windsor Gorilla
Ingrid Giraffe
Lupe Toucan


Bull Sharkowski

Voiced by

Tom Kenny (primarily)
Maurice LaMarche (when imitating Principal Pixiefrog)

Jacob "Jake" P. Spidermonkey is the secondary main character, next to his best friend and straight man, Adam Lyon. He is a stupid, disgusting, destructive, and often times hilarious spider monkey, who goes to Charles Darwin Middle School. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Jake is a short, orange monkey with poorly groomed fur. He wears a blue, sideways baseball cap and a red T-shirt. He also proudly never wears pants, exposing his big, naked, hairless butt, which he loves more than anything.


Jake is often very possessive of Adam and hates not having him around regularly. Jake is emotional and goofy who takes to heart some of Adam's comments and actions, leading to some overly dramatic and exaggerated reactions. He can be lazy and selfish, but at the same time he is also fairly sensible. Just as well, Jake tends to display feminine tendencies quite often.


Adam Lyon

Jake is the closest friend to Adam, and he loves him so much, he's gained an obsession with him. In "Sick Day", he was emotionally distraught by going a single day without him and revealed to have a shrine to him in his locker. In "A Whole Zoo World", he was unwilling to accept the fact that he'd be without him for the entire summer, and tapes pictures of him to the inside of his sunglasses, so he could always see him. Despite his love for Adam, he is not show him the most respect or loyalty. 90% of Adam's problems are derived of Jake's recklessness and stupidity. For example, in "Basic Jake", he got Adam sent to detention all weekend for something he didn't do. In "Up All Night", Jake kept Adam awake all night, causing him to sleep through his date with Kerry. When the two are in danger, Jake puts himself before Adam and often times, doesn't even bother with trying to save him.

Principal Pixiefrog

Jake is the most notorious troublemaker on Principal Pixiefrog's radar, winning in just above Adam. Jake always gets himself in trouble with him, but shows no care or regret, no matter how severe the punishment may be.



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