Jake's Dad
Jake's Dad


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Jake's Mom (wife)
Jake's Sister (daughter)
Jake's Brother (son)
Jake Spidermonkey (youngest son)

Jake's Dad is the unnamed father of Jake Spidermonkey. He first appeared in "Meet the Spidermonkeys".


In "Meet the Spidermonkeys", Jake introduced his parents to Adam, when he visited his house. At first, he was in costume, wearing a realistic costume that looked like a painting of a monkey, but he got out of it at the end of the episode.

In "Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?", he and Jake's Mom attended all of Jake's performances like his football game and school play, but they gave Adam all the compliments and praise for being much better than Jake.

In "Lonely Lyon", he was eating dinner with Jake, when he told him he wanted to know more about human culture. Jake's dad informed him he'd be dishonored to know much about it, and gave him a small example of just how bad humans were. He introduced him to the Zoogoers and ranted about how disgusting humans were.

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