Isaac Hyena
Isaac Hyena

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Isaac Hyena is a hyena student at Charles Darwin Middle School. He appears as a background character, and had his first speaking role during the ending credits of "Me Adam, You Jake" and was first named in "Sick Day".


In the credits of "Me Adam, You Jake", he was trying out for the part of Jungle Guy in the school play, but during his audition, he was laughing too much to get through his lines. Naturally, Miss Chameleon rejected him and his role was surprisingly filled by Henry.

In "Sick Day", whenever Isaac was called on during role call, he was unable to say "Here", without laughing his head off in the process.


  • The one-time character, Rufus Hyena from "The Hyena and the Mighty", is a color pallet swap of Isaac, with brown colored hair. He also lacks the blue jacket he wears and only has the orange shirt underneath.