Inoculation Day
Season 1, Episode 1
Inoculation Day
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Inoculation Day is the first episode of season one.


It's inoculation day at Charles Darwin Middle School and Jake will do everything in his power to avoid getting a shot.


It is Inoculation Day at Charles Darwin Middle School. Unlike his old school, Nurse Gazelle shoots the shots with a pea shooter. She shoots a tiger and Assistant Coach Ferret tags him. Jake says he freaks out at the sight of the needle. Jake accidentally slips on a banana and winds up on a skateboard, and he rides on the skateboard and swings on a vine. Nurse Gazelle shoots the shot. Adam pops up and it hits him in the shoulder. He reads the shot while Principal Pixiefrog tags him. It says it may cause an adverse side effect in humans. He immediately starts scratching himself and asks Jake for a banana. Jake gives him a banana and he devours it. Adam starts acting like a monkey and he swings on a vine. He grows fur and throws his pants at Jake. He swings to the cafteria and Pixiefrog calls a faculty meeting. Them and Jake chase Adam and he Jake threatens Adam. He burps, Sending the whole faculty down the hall. After searching for hours, they wind up meeting Adam in the boys bathroom. The principal runs away, but falls into a mop which makes him look like a girl. Adam busts out of the school holding him and climbs Ingrid. Jake climbs right up with him and an orginization called B.A.A.A. arrives and says they are endngering animals. When Jake climbs up and the nurse can't figure out which one to hit with the shot. She fires, and its off course, but Jake reflects it with his butt, turning Adam back to normal. At the end, the nurse says that it wasn't just the shot, It was Jake's butt.



Adam: Whoever said monkeys and humans share similar genes was an idiot.
Jake: I'll say. Monkey's don't even wear jeans.

Pixiefrog: Attention, students, attention. Today is Inoculation Day, so come on down to Nurse Gazelle's office for your shot, and don't worry. If you can't find us, we'll find you!

(Adam gets a shot)
Jake: Wow, that really looks painful, Adam. I'm sure glad I didn't get a shot. I don't think I could take it. (Jake unknowingly gets a shot, while talking) I'd be screaming like a girl. A tiny, little, screamy, baby, monkey girl, with rickets and the croup. I just can't deal with the pain, yo.

Adam: I think I'm having some kind of an allergic reaction to that shot. I'm itching like crazy. Are there any bananas around here? I NEED A BANANA!

Jake: Well, this is fairly annoying.

Pixiefrog: Okay, people. Here's the situation. We just shot a boy with a vile full of monkey booster, and apparently, he's transformed into a full blown ape. Let's brainstorm.
Coach Gills: I say, we all run off and join the circus.

Pixiefrog: Poppycockadoodle. If anyone finds out that we've turned a human child into an overly aggressive simian freak, we'll likely lose our government funding.
Nurse Gazelle: Well, we could use the antidote on him.
Pixiefrog: Antidote? Why didn't you mention that before, Nurse Gazelle?
Nurse Gazelle: What do you want from me? I've got the brain the size of an underdeveloped peanut.

Coach Gills: The boys room gives me the willies. How much longer are we gunna be in here?

(Nurse Gazelle misses Adam, shooting his reflection)
Pixiefrog: How could you possibly miss him?
Nurse Gazelle: Did I say my brain's the size of a peanut? I mean, soy nut. They're really tiny ... and dry.

(Adam carries Principal Pixiefrog up a tower)
Pixiefrog: I don't remember our school having such a high tower.
(It's revealed, they're climbing Ingrid's neck)

(Jake calls up to Adam, from the bottom of Ingrid)
Jake: Adam, do you want to set monkeydom back to the circus age? Stop acting so ... UNCIVILIZED! (Yellow liquid spills on Jake's head) You'd better have a juice box up there! (A juice box lands on Jake's head)

B.A.A.A. Activist: We're from B.A.A.A. (Because all animals are amazing) and we hear you're putting animals in danger.
Coach Gills: What? That couldn't be further from the truth.
(Principal Pixiefrog's girly scream is heard, coming from the chaos going on)

Coach Gills: Hard target at 12 O'Clock nurse ... Aketay the otshay ...
Nurse Gazelle: Tiny, tiny brain.

(B.A.A.A. rushes to Adam, after he crash lands)
B.A.A.A. Activist: Oh my gosh! Are you alright? Eh, it's only a kid. Who's up for a burger?

Adam: What happened?
Lupe: You went totally ape and stuff, but Nurse Gazelle got you back to normal.
Pixiefrog: Nice shooting, nurse, in spite of your itty-bitty brain.
Nurse Gazelle: Thanks, but it wasn't the blowdart alone that did the trick.
Jake: Yeah, it was booty killed the beast ... What, you don't get it? Booty as in my butt. It's a play on words.
(Everyone walks away)
Jake: Hey wait! Huh, maybe I didn't sell it. (takes out a giant arrow and points it at his butt) BOOTY ... KILLED ... THE .... BEAST!!! Huh, I guess some people don't appreciate great literature.


  • This episode first aired as a part of a Sneak Peek Week on Cartoon Network on December 26, 2005. In the series, it officially premiered on 2/24/06.
  • Adam in the form of a monkey, carrying Principal Pixiefrog, dressed as a girl to the top of Ingrid, was a reference to the movie King Kong, in which a giant gorilla carries a woman to the top of a skyscraper. Jakes joke at the end, "Booty Killed the Beast" is also a reference to the famous quote from the movie, "Beauty Killed the Beast."
  • B.A.A.A. (Because All Animals Are Amazing) is a parody on P.E.T.A. (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
  • Ironically, the animal activists from B.A.A.A. went to get a hamburger after they were done protesting. They want to protect animals when hamburgers are made of meat.
  • Coach Gills is afraid of the boys' locker room.
  • Nurse Gazelle's brain is the size of a soy nut.
  • Billboard Gag: Biped Tryouts in Quad.
  • Running Gags: 1. The Nurse reminding the faculty she has a small brain. 2. One of the characters eating ticks. 3. One of the characters squirting juice at another.


Headless Ingrid in Tornado

Half-Animated of Ingrid.

  • Windsor's eyebrows are a lot more thick and bushy in the scenes, where he's sitting behind Adam and Jake on the bus.
  • The needle Nurse Gazelle threw the first time as at waist height, but it hit Adam in the shoulder.
  • When Ape Adam takes down the bathroom stall's door, Nurse Gazelle's hair is the same color as her horns.
  • When the animals try to avoid the second needle, Nate Penguin's feet are black.
  • Adam's roar of wind blew a bunch of students through the halls. Though the scene was extremely brief, when paused at the right time, it's clear that Ingrid was only drawn from the middle of the neck, down, with her body being cut-off in mid-air.
  • Throughout the whole scene, where Adam and Jake climbed on Ingrid's neck, Ingrid's size was constantly, way off kilter, with her neck being extremely thick in most shots, as well as her being disproportionately larger than Jake and Adam.


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