Ingrid Through the Out Door
Season 4, Episode 8
Ingrid Through the Out Door 2
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Glazed and Confused
Ingrid Through the Out Door is the eighth episode of season four.


Ingrid is moved up to high school after a growth spurt makes her too tall for the C.D.M.S. halls. And high school proves to be much more difficult for Ingrid then middle school was! Is there any possible way that she can survive this ordeal?


  • Ingrid said she was a vegetarian but at the end of the episode she spits out principal bushdog.
  • One of the students almost ate the tiger's arm. The #1 Rule Of Charles darwin middle school is to NOT to eat other students!
  • It is revealed in the episode about Ingrid that Jake, Lupe, Slips, and Windsor all have older siblings that attended High School.
  • Second Appearance of Euripedes Sharkowski.
    • It's also revealed that she is actually a vegetarian, unlike Bull, but will weat fish on an occasion.


Principal Pixiefrog: (To Ingrid, after placing a Graduate hat on her neck) Congratulations on your early Graduation. (wearing a Groucho Marx mustache and holding a pickle) Try saying that three times fast!

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