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Ingrid Giraffe is a female masai giraffe. Ingrid is the tallest student in CDMS.


Her towering height only adds to her feelings of insecurity as she tries desperately to blend into the background. She is often seen with her neck going up then heading down on the screen in an exaggerated hunch since it is very long and is often seen from the neck down. Lupe, Ingrid's best friend, often hushes her when she gives advice and basically runs the whole "friendship". Ingrid has a crush on Adam Lyon which makes him avoid her when she gets too romantic. This leads to her treating Adam kinder then some of the other characters in the series. She's also considered to be the weakest in the group. In the episode "Sidekicked", Ingrid tries to talk street by using the phrases, "word," "word up, yo," and "plus we can be all talkin' street, and ain't no one's gonna be all up in our grills, yo," but everyone told her to stop. Ingrid is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


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