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Inga Giraffe


Inga Giraffe




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Inga Giraffe is Ingrid's older, taller sister, who goes to Marlin Perkins Wild High School. She appeared in "Ingrid Through the Out Door".


In "Ingrid Through the Out Door", Ingrid hit a growth spurt, and was to tall to fit in Charles Darwin Middle School anymore. She, she given a premature graduation, and was transferred to Marlin Perkins Wild High School. There, she met the older siblings of her friends, including Jake's Brother, Slips' Sister, Windsor's Brother, and Lupe's Sister. But that wasn't all. She also met up with someone she was already fond of. This being Inga Giraffe. Inga walked up on screen, shaking the ground with her footsteps. She was significantly taller and larger than Ingrid, even after her growth spurt, but was still able to fit nicely into her own school. Inga gave Ingrid a friendly greeting, welcoming her to the school. She stood together with the other siblings, making sure she'd be safe and secure at her school. However, she did make the mistake of telling Ingird about Bobby Lion. A vicious lion, who Ingrid mistook for Adam Lyon's older brother, due to another wacky name mix up. Bobby chased after Ingrid, scaring her away from her new school.


Inga is an extremely tall, yellow giraffe with orange spots and a short, orange mane. She wears a white polo shirt with pink stripes and a purple skirt. She also wears pink shoes with brown bottoms and purple socks. Her legs are yellow and covered in orange spots, just like her neck. Her face was never shown, so it's contents are unknown.


  • She is the only giraffe in the series, other than Ingrid.
  • She is also the only other known member of Ingrid's family.
  • Her name is the same as Ingrid's, only with "rid" being changed to "a".
  • Given that she's taller than Ingrid, it's safe to say that Inga is the tallest character in the series.
  • She's so massive, that her footsteps shake the floor.