I Love My Butt
I Love My Butt is a song sung by Jake Spidermonkey in "Animal School Musical".


Jake: It's not very wise to wish on a fish.
There are consequences to magic.
It's painful to sing and dance all day long.
It seems like it's fun, but it's actually tragic.
Adam (Speaking): Eeeheeheeheehee Yay! You're rhyming Jake!
Jake (Speaking): Shh. My time.
Jake: I've thought long and hard about all of the pain
I put us all through, but I'd do it again.
Cuz, while trying to find my musical thing,
I looked in my heart. Now I know what to sing.
I'll sing about friends.
You know who you are,
though sometimes we bicker
and often, we spar.
But, you're always my beacons.
My bright guiding light.
The wind underneath me,
that helps me take flight.
Wherever I go, you're always around.
You cushion me when I fall on the ground.
When we ride a bike, you always take the seat.
Sure, it's kind of selfish, but I still think you're neat.
Some folks think it's sick and suggest I should hide.
My affection for you, and believe me, I've tried.
If it was legal or possible, I'd make you my bride.
You've always got my back, cuz you are my backside.
I love my rump. It's wonderful.
I love my tush. It's magical.
When I'm down, I turn around
and there it is, to make me sing how
I love the way my can can dance.
Guess that is why I don't wear pants.
I know it's not a human thing
to show it off with such a banding.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe: Showing his bum
Jake: is nature's way
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe: of saying
Jake: Hi! Hello! Hooray!
So, just calm down, you angry folk.
Cuz monkeys show their seats in public.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: He loves his butt.
Adam: Yes, both buttocks.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: He loves his tush.
Adam: Sometimes it talks.
Jake's Butt: Hey what are you looking at?
Oh, at me. Well, Okee Dokee.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: His rear tells jokes.
Slips: Not crude or blue.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: Feeling provokes.
Slips: A prude or two.
Adam: Sure, sometimes. It's kinda gross.
Especially, when it's grandiose.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: He loves his cheeks'
Lupe: Both of an equal
Windsor: protuberance.
Jake: Don't you love the way it shines?
One day they're gunna build a shrine.
Adam: Just like King Tut's
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: Royal backside.
Lupe: His sacred seat
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe: Will be mummified.
Jake: Then after, they dig it up.
Folks will pay to come and see it.
Announcer (Speaking): Ladies and gentlemen, it's the CDMS faculty dancers.
Principal Pixiefrog (Speaking): Jazz hands! Jazz hands!
Pixiefrog/Blowhole/Warthog/Gills/Horace: We love his rump!
Jake: You really do?
Pixiefrog/Blowhole/Warthog/Gills/Horace: No, we are just
Coach Gills: Indulging you.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: Hurry up and end this song
so our lives can go back to normal.
Jake (Speaking): Ummm, yeah sure. Okay. No problem.
Jake: I'd love to but,
although I've tried,
my legs and mouth
will not comply.
I'm singing. That's a miracle
But I can't stop waxing lyrical.