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I Got a New Apititude is the episode1b of season 2.


After taking an aptitude test, Adam and Jake get unsatisfied with their future careers as being zoo animals. So with Mr. Mandrill's help, Adam does all the things he wants to do, but with no success. The only thing now is to become a hobo with Jake joining him.


In Ms. Chameleon's class, you can see Larry Raccoon getting ready for the aptitude test, even though he got expelled for sneaking into school disgusied himself as a panda in "Bad News Bear".

When Adam and Jake became hobos, they renamed themselves. Here are their hobo names. Jake: Box Car Jakey Adam: Adam...uh...Hobo Person Guy

This episode was also called I've Got a New Aptitude at Cartoon Network's website in the episode guide and at TV Guide, it was called I Gotta New Aptitude.

Running Gags: A lion attacks someone as part of a joke.

Credits: During the end credits, after the lion has given his public service announcement concerning the lion attacks during this episode, he himself is attacked. This happens very quickly but the person tackling him is the hobo Benny TwoTooth, who was introduced earlier.

There is a feature song in this episode.

It seems that most students wanted to be zoo animals.


We find out that Mr. Mandrill used to be a hobo.


Miss Chameleon: I took the test once, it said I was destined to be a big star in the pictures. And look at me now! Look at me!!! No, wait, it said I was crazy.

  • Jake: Hey Adam, you know what I want to be?

Adam: Umm, let me guess. A zoo animal. Jake: No way! I want to be an underwear model. Adam: I almost say to ask, but why? Jake: 'Cause I've always wanted to see what it's like to wear underwear. Adam: But you don't even wear pants. Jake: Look Adam. Every time I see a monkey on T.V., he's either naked or wearing diapers. It's time for me to step up and blaze a new trail for simians everywhere and that trail happens to involve (makes his voice sound deeper) big boy pants!

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