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Pants in Space

Voiced By

Phil LaMarr

Mr. I Didn't, also known as Larry is an Asian guy who works for MASA. He appeared in "Pants in Space" and "The Morning Zoo". He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


In "Pants in Space", the school got a letter from NASA, asking for a monkey student to launch into space. When Principal Pixiefrog met I Didn't, he didn't bother to remember his confusing name, so he decided to just call him "Larry", much to I Didn't's dismay, though he refraimed from saying anything about it. And so, Pixiefrog continued to address him as this throughout the episode. When faced with the two monkey candidates, these being only Windsor Gorilla and Jake Spidermonkey, he chose Jake, since Windsor was too big. However, it was soon after revealed that the organization I Didn't worked for wasn't NASA, but MASA (Most Amazing Simian Acrobats), meaning Jake was to be a circus monkey, getting fired from a monkey cannon.

In "The Morning Zoo", after Adam and Jake took over the school news channel, Larry worked as the mover, setting up an entire radio station in Principal Pixiefrog's Office. When Adam got amnesia, Larry tried to trigger Adam's memory, by using the familiar smell of a blueberry pie, that he made in his Handy Heat Oven. His offer was constantly rejected, but he kept pushing it. At the end of the episode, Principal Pixiefrog exploded, which splattered Larry's pie all over the office.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • He is a parody on Samurai Jack, both resembling him in appearance, and being voiced by the same actor.
  • In "Pants in Space", Principal Pixiefrog didn't want to remember his real name, so he just called him "Larry" for the rest of the episode. When I Didn't returned in "The Morning Zoo", not only did he adress himself as such, but he was also credited as "Larry" in the episode's credits.