I Got No Rhyme
I Got No Rhyme is a song sung by Jake Spidermonkey in "Animal School Musical".


Jake (Speaking): You think I'm embarrassed because I wished this musical into existence, when I should have wished for musical talent or rhythm or the ability to rhyme? Is that it?
Adam (Speaking): Why don't you sing about it Jake?
Jake (Speaking): I can't!
Adam (Speaking): Why not?
Jake (Speaking): Because ...
Jake: I got no rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
I'm out of step and I don't belong.
Cuz when I try to stick my head in.
I just ruin every ... wallet.
Adam (Speaking): I think you mean song. Song rhymes with belong.
Jake (Speaking): Oh, does it? I wouldn't know cuz ...
Jake: I got no rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
I'm out of step and I really can't tell.
I don't know why I'm discombobulated.
It should be easy as ringing a ... tape dispenser.
Adam (Speaking): Ringing a bell. Bell rhymes with tell.
Jake (Speaking): Why don't you show off a little more, Adam? Cuz, you know ...
Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: He's got no rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
That's why the guy just won't sing along.
His every attempt is a major disaster
Adam (Speaking): (sigh)
Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: That just ruins every ... planet.
Adam (Speaking): Song! Song rhymes with along. Not planet. Planet? Where are you coming up with this stuff?
Jake: It's really quite a pickle that I'm in.
This is a race I'm bound to lose, cuz I can't seem to ... potato.
Adam (Speaking): Win!
Jake: I got to rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
It's catastrophic. I'm sure that you've heard.
I don't know why. I don't have a reason.
I never can come up with a ... motorcycle.
Adam (Speaking): Word!
Jake (Speaking): If you say so.
Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: There's no explanation for his crime.
Doo doo.
He wished us in this musical and has no sense of ... firetrucks!
Adam (Speaking): Time! Or is it rhyme?
Jake (Speaking): See? It's hard!
Jake: I got no rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
I hear the music and I don't stand a chance.
Cuz I can't sing and I'm not a hoofer.
Just see what happens when I try to ... spasm.
(Jake spazzes out)
Adam (Speaking): I think you mean dance.
Jake (Speaking): No, actually spasm is the right word for what I'm doing. Because ...
Jake: I got no rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
I guess it's time I take back my wish.
We'll all be fine and right back to normal.
Soon as I find that magical ... dog.
David (Speaking): Fish! Wish rhymes with fish. Not dog.
Jake (Speaking): No, seriously. I thought you were a dog. Anyway, if you could just resend my order. Here's a little something for your trouble.
David: Sorry, but I can't accept your dime.
The spell remains in full effect until you learn to rhyme.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid (Speaking): Oh No!
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid: He's got no rhyme and no sense of rhythm.
And now it looks like the song never ends.
Jake: If I can't learn to put words to music.
It seems I'll be losing my ... pouches.
Adam/Slips/Windsor/Lupe/Ingrid (Speaking): Friends!
Jake (Speaking): Really? Are you sure it isn't pouches? Friends just doesn't sound right to me.

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