Human Behavior
Season 4, Episode 14
Human Behavior
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Human Behavior is the fourteenth episode of season four.


Today is mid-terms at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Adam actually manages to pass all his tests with flying colors. But all the studying and preparation he had to do for the tests has put a strain on Adam's brain, and now he can't stop acting wild! While it's always been Jake's dream to have a wild friend, it soon becomes a nightmare when Adam becomes too much for Jake to handle. Even worse, Adam has already pre-planned to go to the Chester Arthur Middle School debutante ball with Kerry, and Kerry doesn't want Adam acting wild. So Jake, in order to save his reputation as a good friend to Adam, promises to Kerry that no matter what, Jake will tame and re-train Adam to be civilized. Will Jake's efforts be successful?


  • It is revealed in this episode that Kerry has empathy for Adam Lyon concerning what he has to go through at Charles Darwin Middle School.
  • It seems that Jake Spidermonkey has gotten over his jealousy in Kerry to Dance? of Kerry being attracted to Adam when Jake was also attracted to Adam; as Jake was willing to help re-train Adam to be civilized again so that Kerry would have a good date at her debutante ball.
  • It is revealed that prior to this episode, Adam had been pulling all-nighters for three weeks straight in order to pass his mid-terms. And that's what caused him to act weird. It also explains why Adam briefly acted weird in A Mid Semester Life's Dream. He was already feeling the effects of insomnia. So all the events between A Mid Semester Life's Dream and Human Behavior took place within three weeks. Glazed and Confused only took one entire week.
  • Running gags in this episode: 1.Adam Lyon keeps acting like different animals. 2. Jake and his friends keep spraying Adam with water bottles whenever he does something wrong.
  • Billboard gags: 1. Human Behavior: The Midterms are A. Today? (Checkmarked) B. Tomorrow? (Blank) C. None of the Above?


  • This is the first time that Adam Lyon has ever returned Ingrid Giraffe's affection for him (albeit accidentally.)
  • The fourth wall is broken in this episode after Miss Chameleon tells Adam Lyon that he is perfect for voicing cartoons. Slips asks Windsor: "What's a cartoon?" And Windsor responds: "You're in one."

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