Human Behavior
Season 4, Episode 14
Human Behavior
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Human Behavior is the fourteenth episode of season four.


Adam has adapted so much to the animal lifestyle, that he's forgotten his own.


Today is mid-terms at Charles Darwin Middle School, and Adam actually manages to pass all his tests with flying colors. But all the studying and preparation he had to do for the tests has put a strain on Adam's brain, and now he can't stop acting wild! While it's always been Jake's dream to have a wild friend, it soon becomes a nightmare when Adam becomes too much for Jake to handle. Even worse, Adam has already pre-planned to go to the Chester Arthur Middle School debutante ball with Kerry, and Kerry doesn't want Adam acting wild. So Jake, in order to save his reputation as a good friend to Adam, promises to Kerry that no matter what, Jake will tame and re-train Adam to be civilized. Will Jake's efforts be successful?



  • The title is a pun on "Animal Behavior".
  • Kerry shows concern for Adam, over the things he must suffer at an all-animal school every day.
  • Jake seems to have gotten over his jealousy of Kerry from "Kerry to Dance?", as he was willing to help set her up on a date with Adam for the Debutante Ball.
  • Adam has had the least amount of lines in this episode, with his only actual spoken words being the repetition of the word "Ball!" in one scene.
  • The fourth wall is broken, when Miss Chameleon tells Adam he has potential as a cartoon voice actor. Slips then inquires what a cartoon is and Windsor tells him that he's sitting in one. Chameleon later tells Jake that with his sense of humor, he could pursue a career in writing cartoons, and Jake doesn't think that's a real job, insulting the writers of the show.
    • Apparently, Slips is one of the few characters, who's generally unaware he's fictional.
  • Hidden innuendo in Mr. Beaver's classroom, with "Dam Building Midterms" being written on the chalkboard.
  • Adam's dam for Mr. Beaver's class has a structural replica of the Taj Mahal on top.
  • Mr. Hornbill's horn is removed from his body, revealing pink organs and a protruding bone underneath.
  • Though it was subconcious and unofficial, Adam returned Ingrid's affections, by hugging her neck.
  • Jake said that Adam had been pulling all nighters for three weeks straight, in order to study for his midterms. Considering Jake's statement is true, then if this wasn't a cartoon, Adam would have died in just over a week, since the maximum amount of time a human being, can survive while, deprived of all sleep is only 11 days.
  • Jake references to Kerry's "one-eye" joke, by telling her not to worry her "cyclopian" head.
  • Chester Arthur Middle School makes a second appearance, after "The Times, They Are Exchangin".
  • Chad makes a cameo as one of the feral boys at the Debutante Ball.