Hornbill and Ted’s Bogus Journey
Season 3, Episode 19
Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey
Air date July 27, 2007
Written by Mitch Larson
Directed by Chris Headrick
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Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey is the nineteenth episode of season three


Adam and his pals try to help Mr. Hornbill get rid of an annoying lawyer-like Oxpecker named Ted who is making fun of all the students including jake .


  • When Jake comes in showing off his horn, Adam's horn turns orange.
  • Ted is an oxpecker. Ironically, in reality, oxepckers are seen with rhinos, specifically to "peck" the ticks off of them.
  • Credits: Hornbill paralyzed by the paintballs while he slurps on a Crabgrass Cupcake.
  • Running Gag: Ted insulting Mr. Hornbill's fat appearance and other students.
  • Billboard gag: "Welcome back, Otters."
  • The Episode name is a parody of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.


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