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Animes is the 9th episode of season 2.


Animas is a celebration for animals and their instincts and it's come around, but Adam does not know and comes on the first day of Animas unprepared. He soon decides that he doesn't have instincts and goes back to Chester Arthur Middle School. He can't fit in with humans either. Will he ever go back to the school?


  • Ingrid reveals the fact that she forgets that Adam is new to Charles Darwin Middle School.

Did you know that the song o animus is sung in the tune of o Christmas tree.

  • Adam has a clock that looks like Jake, and Jake has a clock that looks like Adam.
  • If this is the Christmas special for My Gym Partner's a Monkey, why did Cartoon Network air it in the middle of September?
  • Animas Rock is a compilation of all of Charles Darwin Middle School's students' "scents". You add to the rock by going to the bathroom.

Adam and Jake's clocks look like each other.

  • Animas is celebrated when it is the hottest time of the year.
  • Coach Gills is afraid of the dark and hates pigeons.
  • Jake lives at the City Zoo.
  • Credits: The school throws fireworks.
  • Tiffany is Coach Gills's first name.
  • The city the show takes place in has a population of 238,000.


  • This episode first aired during a marathon on Cartoon Network entitled "Animas".
  • Second full length episode.
  • This is the Christmas episode of My Gym Partner's a Monkey.


  • Coach Gills: IT'S ABOUT YOUR FRIEN...

(Horace put a loaf or bread over Coach Gills's bowl, so nobody can hear what she's saying)

  • Jake: Oh! Oh! I wanna say what Adam taught me! (talks like a girl) Lights please. (Talks in normal voice) I got nothin'.

Coach Gills: You've got your friends!

  • Lupe: I learned from Adam that the greatest gift of all is the gift of: really expensive jewelery!
  • Adam: (after telling what Animas is really about) And my instincts tell me next year to stay home.

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