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Guano in 60 Seconds Title Card

Title Card

Guano in 60 Seconds is the 11b episode.


When Jake eats bat droppings from the ceiling (which he confuses for asbestos), Principal Pixiefrog closes the school and forces everyone to move into a portable classroom. There, Jake accidentally breaks the parking brake by scratching himself, thinking he has asbestos poisoning. Now the whole classroom is moving away. Can Adam and Jake stop the classroom and get it back to its original place while preventing the animals from noticing what is happening?


  • Jake said he didn't go through the 4th phase, which is a sense of falling, but why did he go through the 5th? It's possible that the explanation was that he literally was falling (though he was too busy reading the pamphlet to even be aware).
  • In Hibernation class, when Jake's crunch woke everyone up, a wolf student is still asleep.
  • Billboard Gags: "Theater Department presents: Sweeny Toad" and "Grand Re-opening today! Under new management".
  • The classroom fell off a cliff the first time, but there was no cliff once it went back.
  • The portable classroom entered the same position before the second time, it didn't get damaged, so it should have kept going.
  • During the art class, the paintings shown are the Mona Lisa, Starry Night and a portrait of Napoleon. 
  • The episode title is a pun on the film "Gone in 60 Seconds". 


  • The title of the pamphlet Nurse Gazelle gives to Jake is called "Ceiling Toxicity, And You."
  • It turns that Nurse Gazelle thought that Jake had eaten dry rot from the ceiling, and explains that bat guano is perfectly safe for monkeys to eat, as monkeys in the wild eat it all the time.

It turns out that Jake can eat bat guano because it is good for him.

  • The symptoms of eating asbestos, according to the pamphlet:
    1. Heat flashes
    2. Severe itching
    3. Laziness
    4. A sense of falling
    5. "Gluteal bloating" 
  • Credits: We see that the students are overcrowding the portable classroom. Principal Pixiefrog goes up and tells them that the portable classroom is not overcrowded. Then Endugu Elephant's butt hits him.

Running GagsEdit

  • Jake eating bat droppings from the ceiling. 
  • Jake imagines the symptoms of eating bat droppings (although it's actually the symptoms for eating asbestos).


  • Principal Pixiefrog: If anything were to happen to these precious, precious students... it would cost me a fortune!
  • Adam: Uh, Jake? That's not popcorn. It's abestos. Jake: (still eating the asbestos) I don't speak Greek, but whatever it is, it needs butter. 
  • Adam: With all your back scratching, you must have released the brake. Jake: I didn't release the brake, I broke it.
  • Jake: Okay Adam, we've compiled all the data. Let me nutshell it for ya. Drop on out before it's to late.
  • (Portable rolls off cliff) Jake: Symptom 4: a sense of falling. Don't seem to have that one.
  • Principal Pixiefrog: Everyone back in the portable! Mwah! Mwah!


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