Granny Lyon
Grammy Lyon


Grandmother Lyon




80's or 90's



Granny Lyon is the unnamed grandmother of Adam Lyon. Like with Adam's Parents, her face is never shown, as only her arms are seen on screen. She appeared in "Carny Crazy".


In "Carny Crazy", Adam admitted to having a Princess Ballerina Snow Globe collection, which he started, when he was a baby. A flashback showed Baby Adam and Granny Lyon, fighting over a snow globe. Adam wouldn't let go, and surprisingly won the fight, keeping the stolen globe to himself. At the end of the episode, Jake won another snow globe that Adam desperately wanted, but refused to give it to him and instead auctioned it off online. Adam tried bidding on the snow globe, but lost it to Granny Lyon.

In "The Little Mermonkey", Adam sarcastically told Herman, that he's as happy to see him as he is to see his grandmother taking a bath.

In "Bullroar", she was indirectly mentioned, at the end, when Adam was wearing a shirt that read "#3 Grandson".


Granny Lyon's arms are extremely wrinkled, bony, and covered in protruding veins and liver spots. She wears a fuzzy, pink, long sleeved sweater, a ring with a shiny blue sapphire diamond, and bright pink nail polish.


Granny Lyon is a grumpy, scornful old lady, who may not have held onto her snow globe tight enough, but held hold onto her grudge for somewhere around a good 12 years. She's vengeful, hateful, and shows no mercy toward Adam Lyon, having no means of forgetting or forgiving him stealing her snow globe, no matter how young he was, or how long ago it may have been.