Glazed and Confused
Season 4, Episode 9
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Glazed and Confused is the ninth episode of season four.


Adam Lyon is excited because he's going to get to go to a new clown-themed park in the town of Beulah, North Dakota over spring break! At least, that's what he thinks is going to happen, yet there's a problem: Mrs. Warthog has quit her job and leaves for Hawaii to become crowned a queen!

Principal Pixiefrog needs Mrs. Warthog to do the filing on all of the bird students returning from their migration south in the winter however, and Jake Spidermonkey has discovered that the trip Mrs. Warthog has won is actually an Internet scam to lure unsuspecting pigs to barbecue luau's where people can cook and eat them!

So Jake Spidermonkey 'gently' coax's Adam Lyon into going to Hawaii with him to rescue her, while Windsor, Slips, Lupe, and Ingrid just come along for the free trip. Meanwhile, in the B story, Kerry has to sit and watch as the rest of the Charles Darwin Middle School staff futily try to control all the bird students.


  • Mrs. Warthog gets hired back by the end of this episode, and gets a raise of a 1% higher pay than what she had before. Her full name's revealed to be to Geraldine Shannon Warthog.
  • One time when Principal Pixiefrog breaks the fourth wall by narrating, it's according to him that Adam Lyon's the star of My Gym Partner's a Monkey. It's also revealed that Adam's not a natural redhead.
    • When Jake threatens to tell everyone at school that Adam's not a natural redhead, Adam retaliates by threatening to tell everyone that Jake lost all of his fur in a freak bubblegum-blowing accident, and it's later shown that Jake wears a fur suit.
      • Since Adam isn't actually a natural redhead, his hair is mostly likely brown, because both of his parents are shown to have brown hair. Adam's natural hair color might be blonde, though, because blonde hair is a recessive trait just like red hair is.
  • This is the second time since The Ivy League that Mrs. Warthog's habit of posting up "tasteful" photos of "herself" on the Internet has come into play, and this time, it's actually responsible for Mrs. Warthog even getting into this episode's problem in the first place!
  • Running gags in this episode:
    • 1.) Principal Pixiefrog keeps interrupting Adam whenever he (Adam) is flashing back to something.
    • 2.) Various characters say that Kerry only has one eye.
    • 3.) Jake Spidermonkey pinched Adam twice about his ridiculous choice of undergarments.
  • End Credits: Adam Lyon, his friends, and the Scottish tourists are all running around wildly to the tune of Benny Hill-like music.
  • This is the twelfth episode in which Adam's Underwear is revealed. The first eleven were Inoculation Day, Lyon of Scrimmage, Me Adam, You Jake, Docu-Trauma, Basic Jake, The Two Jakes, Uniformity, The Cuddlemuffins, Gorilla of My Dreams, The Hyena and the Mighty, and My Feral Lyon.

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