Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts



The Girl Scouts are an unnamed trio of extremely rude girl scouts, who harass people, to make money off of selling cookie. They appeared in "Grub Drive". They are voiced by Cree Summer.


In "Grub Drive", Adam and Jake sold candy bars outside of the Food Market, and were greeted by the girl scouts, who claimed they were on their turf. The girls bullied and bruised them both, demanding they stay off their cookie selling property. The leader then threatened and old lady into buying her cookies, giving Adam the idea to do something similar with their customers. Adam and Jake went door to door, doing disgusting things, telling their victims that they'll leave if they buy their candy. They did just that, but after they sold all their boxes, they accidentally stepped into the Food Market parking lot, getting themselves beaten up and robbed by the girl scouts.

They made a brief cameo appearance in "The Times, They Are Exchangin", as students in the hallways of Chester Arthur Middle School.