Fourth Wall Jokes are moments when characters address the fact that they're in a TV show. "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", has made many jokes, where various characters have mentioned being in a cartoon, and referenced objects that exist outside their fictional universe like the audience, their voice actors, camera tricks, etc.

Season 1Edit

Chew on ThisEdit

  • At the end of the episode, as the iris faded out, Principal Pixiefrog's butt was so big, it was closed in on by the iris. Pixiefrog then turned to the screen and said "Hey, you've made you're point." before the iris faded out as normal.

She's Koala ThatEdit

  • Jake and Lupe gave Deidre a makeover, to make her look more pretty. They entered a salon called "Montage Groomers", where, of course, they gave her a makeover in the form of a montage.

Season 2Edit

Le SwitcherooEdit

I Got a New AptitudeEdit

  • Jake leaned on the fourth wall, implying how something strange always happens at the beginning of every episode, starting a story.
  • During the ending credits, a wild lion gave a Public Service Announcement on the way lions were stereotyped in the episode they just showed.

Pants in SpaceEdit

  • Windsor tells Adam that he sees him in a different way than he used to for the past two seasons.

Season 3Edit

The SpiffanosEdit

  • Adam applauds Jake for saving his life twice in the same episode.

That Darn PlatypusEdit

  • Windsor holds a magazine, with a picture of Ed, Edd, and Eddy, being attacked by aliens.
  • Mr. Mandrill's phone number has only 7 digits, and begins with "555", a fictitious area code, used in a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and video games, in order to prevent using a real phone number.

The Morning ZooEdit

  • Jake criticized the title of the show being "My Gym Partner's a Monkey", since he and Adam are only occasionally seen in gym together.

Don't Noc It 'Til You Try ItEdit

  • Windsor verbally mentions how his flashback will help with putting exposition on the reason Slips got left behind in school.

The Citronella SolutionEdit

  • Mrs. Warthog says that pitch forks and torches are classic components of cartoon riots.
  • Principal Pixiefrog quotes the phrase "The Citronella Solution" in dialogue and then brags to Mrs. Warthog about how he was able to work the episode's title into the dialogue. Mrs. Warthog then shamefully hands him a dollar bill, implying that he must have placed a bet on that.

Lie, Cheetah, StealEdit

  • Throughout the episode, Coach Gills does an internalized monologue, and other characters prove the ability to hear it, by calling her out on it.

Shark Fin SoupyEdit

Season 4Edit

Robo Frog 3000Edit

  • Jake asks Adam "Remember when this show used to be about a boy who went to an all animal school?"

The Notorious Windsor GorillaEdit

Glazed and ConfusedEdit

Human BehaviorEdit

  • Miss Chameleon tells Adam that with his vocal talent, he could get a job, as a cartoon voice actor. Slips asks what a cartoon is and Windsor explains that he's sitting in one. When Jake fails to be as vocally gifted as Adam, Miss Chameleon tells him he still has a chance with writing cartoons.

Four Eyed JakeEdit

  • When Adam says he has an idea, Jake says that he usually does at that point in the episode.
  • Adam and Jake inaugurate their plan, Jake mentions them doing so through montage.

Mountain DudeEdit

  • Adam predicts that something bad will happen to Jake, given that a conflict occurs in every episode.
  • Jake mentions that Adam has a girly voice.

Animal School MusicalEdit

  • When Adam criticizes the improbability of Middle School Musical, Jake justifies this by comparing the show's concept to a school full of talking zoo animals. A laugh track is then heard, and they both look at the camera.

A Very Special BoyEdit

  • Principal Pixiefrog touches upon Adam's feminine voice.
  • Pixiefrog also states that when Adam signed his contract, he signed away the rights to making a TV show based off of his life story.

A Thanksgiving CarolEdit

  • The Ghost of Thanksgiving Present (Slips) consistently mistakes Adam for a girl.

A Whole Zoo WorldEdit

  • Adam says he's going to get a terrible, low-paying job, that any 12 year old boy could easily get. Jake and Principal Pixiefrog assume he means becoming a cartoonist.
  • Principal Pixiefrog mentions, that they're going inder Nightmare Scenario No. 739. The crowd murmurs in shock and Windsor is hears, saying "Prezenkowski's in charge?", referencing to Cartoon Network's new executive being Jeff Prezenkowski at the time.
  • As Adam falls from the waterfall, he shouts "PREZENKOWSKI!"
  • When Adam lands, Jake asks his if he's still alive, and reminds him that because it's a kid show, he can't be dead.

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