Four Eyed Jake
Season 4, Episode 15
Four Eyed Jake
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Human Behavior
Where in the World Are Adam's Parents?
Four Eyed Jake is the fifteenth episode of season four.


Adam discovers that Jake has bad eyesight and knows that his friend needs to get his condition treated right away! However, when Jake gets eyeglasses, it changes how his friends see him as they begin to shun him. Since Adam doesn't want to see his friend get shunned, he decides to help Jake level the playing field by helping Jake find out the weaknesses of everyone at Charles Darwin. But is this a good idea?


  • Revealed weaknesses (that were cured later) of characters:
    • Jake Spidermonkey: Poor eyesight.
    • Windsor T. Gorilla: Afraid of puppies.
    • Lupe Toucan: Overly dependent on her boyfriend, Corey the Vulture.
    • Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski: Turns into a Bull Moose Shark every Wednesday.
    • Adam Lyon: Sounds too much like a girl.
    • Ingrid Giraffe: Her intense insecurity.
    • Slips Python: Has feelings (left unchanged).
  • Third time that Slips has appeared naked in an episode.
  • It's learned in this episode that Adam has at least one uncle, and this one uncle is an Optometrist who lives in the same city that Adam lives in.
  • Running gags in this episode:1. Jake is not able to see clearly without glasses or corrective surgery. 2. Creatures continue to shun Jake by ignoring him.
  • Billboard gags: 1. Human Behavior: The Midterms are A. Today? (Checkmarked) B. Tomorrow? (Blank) C. None of the Above? (Blank) 2. Four Eyed Jake: Join the Repelican Party.


Second appearance of Lupe's vulture boyfriend, Corey.


Lupe Toucan: I totally don't need you Corey, now fan harder!

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