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Bull Sharkowski's older sister. Tends to be a bigger bully than Bull. She was originally the top dog bully of CDMS before graduating, and this title was then gained by Bull. Unlike her younger brother, Euripedes doesn't bully students with brawn, but instead through words; she basically makes snarky and witty remarks to the point of insulting and making fun of them, and she can also use this to provoke people as well like Adam, and she's good at it, whereas Bull claims that she's too good.

It appears that because she is bigger bully than he is, Euripedes appears to make Bull develop an inferiority complex, and he tries to avoid asking for her help in certain things bully or predator-related, to avoid embarrassing himself in front of her. In fact, saying her name can drive Bull to a frenzy of hysteria. She appears to be a great contrast to Bull in both bullying tactics, appearance and dietary habits; she bullies people verbally rather than physically, she is much shorter in size than Bull (despite being the elder sibling), and way unlike Bull, is a vegetarian.

She is voiced by Phil Lamarr, who is also the voice actor of her brother Bull.

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