Endugu Elephant
Endugu singing songs

Full Name

Endugu Elephant


African Elephant

Endugu Elephant is a Jamaican-American African Elephant that resides as a student in Charles Darwin Middle School. Endugu is said to be one of the largest students CDMS, being outweighing many teachers, though not being as tall as Ingrid Giraffe. Still, he is the biggest student, in width. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.


Endugu is a giant, gray elephant, who wears a white T-shirt with a picture of a peanut, printed on it.


  • Endugu's species is classified as an "African Elephant", however, he doesn't actually come from Africa. He comes from Jamaican descent and was born in America, making him a "Jamacian-American African Elephant".
  • Principal Pixiefrog once used his name as a fat joke, saying "Hey Endugu, eat much?" (Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey).

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