Donna Dorsal
Donna Dolphin

Full Name

Donna Dorsal






Dickie Sugarjumper (lackey)
Adam Lyon (one sided)
Ingrid Giraffe
Lupe Toucan
Margaret Rhino
Latanya Hippo
Joanie OxAdam Lyon


Jake Spidermonkey

Voice Actor

Grey DeLisle

Donna Dorsal is a cheerleader dolphin at Charles Darwin Middle School, who is captain of the Jungle Squad. She first appeared in "Cheer Pressure".


In "Cheer Pressure, she was bent on taking the Jungle Squad to the cheerleading finals, but they needed one male member on their team to do so. Unfortunately, Dickie Sugarjumper broke his leg, meaning she had to find a replacement. Donna really showed her apathy toward Dickie, when she straight-out said she hated him and only needed him to pass the school's standards. She considered Adam as a replacement and harassed him until he became a cheerleader. Adam hated her and hated being on the team, but she loved having him around, not just because he was male, but also because he looked so cute in his uniform and she just wanted to eat him up.

In "Sidekicked", it was established that she was a leader and Dickie Sugarjumper was her lackey. Donna paraded Dickie around the school, dressing him and treating him like a baby. During the rebellion, Dickie did the same back to her.


Donna Dorsal is your average stereotype of a pretty and popular mean girl, who rules the school. She acts all happy and perfect, when she's being a peppy cheerleader for whoever she's putting on the show for, but the second she's away from her audience, she shows her true colors and acts like a rude, bossy, condescending jerk. The same goes for her own friends, who she tends to abuse and exploit sometimes. Not to say she doesn't have a heart. She does care for certain people and there's a such thing as getting on her good side. However, when it comes to life, Donna Dorsal puts her social status first.

Episode AppearancesEdit


  • A "Dorsal Fin" is the fin on the backs of dolphins, sharks, whales, and other aquatic animals.
  • She and Phineas are the only two recurring characters, who belong to the delphinidae kingdom.

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