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Docu-Trauma is the 9b episode of season 1.


Zira Corneilius, a documentary filmmaker, comes to the school and starts focusing on a three-eyed creature in which she calls "pants," which she thinks it's Adam because he has a giant zit on his head.


The water and soap in the shower would have washed the marker of Adam's zit.


  • Jake has a web-cam.
  • Jake shined his teeth, making it brighter than a flashlight.
  • Credits: Zera is filming Miss Chameleon, but when she eats a fly, she says, "Cut!" and comments that she shouldn't have done that.
  • The running gag in Docu-Trauma is that the filmmaker keeps thinking Adam is an unknown species.
  • We see Adam naked."


  • Principal Pixiefrog : This is Principal Pixiefrog with another fun-filled announcment: YOU'RE ALL EXPELLED!

(Lippy Zebra faints) Principal Pixiefrog: (Laughs.) Just kidding, just a little principal's joke. OK, now for the real announcment.

  • Zera: (while Adam is running) Pants! Pants! Pants! Pants! I lost my Pants!

Jake: (pulling up his shirt) And is that a problem?

  • Adam: Never mind Jake, I'm just going to lay low. I don't want to be in any movie looking like this. What if Kerry saw it?

Jake: Don't be so hard on yourself Adam, even the Hunchback found true love. Adam: No he didn't. Jake: Oh. Well in that case you better lay low.

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