Season 1, Episode 18
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Docu-Trauma is the eighteenth episode of the first season.


Zira Corneilius, a documentary filmmaker, comes to the school and starts focusing on a three-eyed creature in which she calls "pants," which she thinks it's Adam because he has a giant zit on his head.





  • The title is a pun on "Docudrama".
  • Only episode where both of Kerry's eyes are seen. However, this only happened in Adam's imagination sequence, so it's still a mystery what her other eye really looks like.
  • Principal Pixiefrog dresses as Elvis Presley and says his catchphrase, "Thank you, thank you very much."
  • First appearance of Teddy Truman, despite this episode being far prior to "Talking Teddy", his introduction episode.
  • First episode where Adam gets completely naked.
  • Billboard Gag: Please don't feed the teachers.
  • Credits Gag: Zera films a romance movie with Miss Chameleon and a fly. Their current scene is ruined when Miss Chameleon eats her romantic love interest.

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