Disregarding Henry
Season 2, Episode 7
Disregarding Henry
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Disregarding Henry is the seventh episode of season two.


Jake enters Henry in the school talent show after hearing Henry's poor singing. He also books him a gig on the T.V. show, Wacky Pet Tricks! To prevent Henry from becoming humiliated, Adam attempts to take his place.


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  • Jake: Hey, Adam, You gotta check this out. Harriet is amazing

Henry: It's Henry. Hen-Ry. Jake: Not now, sweetie. Jakie's talking. get out there and show 'em what You got. Henry: Whoa! Well, OK.

  • Principal Pixiefrog: All righty, then. Welcome to the Annual Charles Darwin Middle School…Talent Show, where all your favorite students...and some other ones will perform for your viewing pleasure. Now, let's give a big round of applause to our first performers...Ingrid and
  • Henry: (singing) Oh, I'm a friendly armadillo. I'm a gentle pussy willow.

(stops singing as Jake opens curtain) AARRGGHH! Jake, what are you doing? Jake:That is the best Bari-Falset-Alto-Ano...You sing good. I want to enter you in the school talent show. What's your name, kid? Henry: Well, it's Henry, Jake. You know that. Jake: Well, Henrietta, I'm going to make you a star. Henry: It's Henry. I'm a boy. Jake: Well, if you say so. (closes curtain)


  • The title is a pun on the film Regarding Henry.
  • In the audience, you can see Amazon Kevin, Zira Cornelius, Truffles Duvall, and Old Joe.
  • Henry is revealed to be two feet tall.
  • Jake was banned from entering the talent show due to his bubble gum going wrong by come out somewhere disgusting. (Suspiciously his butt)
  • Billboard Gag: Talent Show Tonight! May not Actually contain Talent.