Diplomatic Insanity
Season 3, Episode 5
Diplomatic Insality 2
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Diplomatic Insanity is the fifth episode of season three.


Lupe is offended by the toucan stereotypes, being promoted by famous toucan celebrity, Kiki Von Beaky. After making a protest about it at school, Principal Pixiefrog tries to dodge a lawsuit by starting an animal equality club for her.





  • The title is a pun on "Diplomatic Immunity".
  • Kiki Von Beaky is the first toucan, aside from Lupe to appear in the show.
  • Only episode, where background characters Kimberly Swan and Kaku Tiger speak.
  • The United Species is a parody on The United Nations.
  • Adam's hairstyle, when running the United Species club is the same hairstyle he had, when running for school president in "Political Animals".
  • In the United Species class, when everyone is saying "Here, here" and Lupe is saying "Aqui, aqui" which, in Spanish, means "Here, here".
  • Every student in the United Species class has a name plaque, with their species and a Latin term underneath, though the Latin terms are clearly inaccurate and are simply done as a joke.
  • Adam says that rabbits aren't allowed at CDMS. This continues "The Big Field Trip", where it was established that rabbits were seen as untamed wild animals by the more anthropomorphic animals.
  • Third appearance of Principal Pixiefrog's car, following Shiny Thing and One Lump or Tutor.


  • When Kiki von Beaky is doing her double reverse barrel roll splat and the students are applauding, Jake can be seen at the bottom of the screen. But at the next shot, he is standing with Adam, who is not with the crowd.

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