Ding Bang
Ding Bang Panda is a false persona, put on by Larry Raccoon. He appeared in "Bad News Bear".


In "Bad News Bear", Principal Pixiefrog introduced Ding Bang, a foreign exchange student from China. Adam's punishment was to shadow for him, giving his a tour of Charles Darwin Middle School. Pixiefrog warned Adam that the panda was an endangered species, so he must be kept safe. Ding Bang caused nothing but chaos on his tour with Adam, breaking into people's lockers, stealing food, tripping people, etc. He got a lot of people hating him, but none of them were allowed to harm him, due to him being endangered. Adam held his neck out for Ding Bang and got all the flak from his haters. Eventually, the school couldn't resist it anymore and in gym class, they all planned on pelting him with dodge balls. Just before they did, Jake busted the fish tube, and the water washed the paint off of Ding Bang, revealing that he was actually Larry Raccoon, in disguise. His panda costume was so that he could get back into CDMS and receive a good education. After this, Adam and the others has no problem attacking him, and driving him out of the school.


  • Despite being a false character, he was seen as an independent student in "Pride and Pixiefrog", who was strangely enough, standing next to his portrayer Larry Raccoon, as a completely separate being.