Deidre Koala
Diedre Koala


Deidre Koala


Phascolarctos Cinereus




Cree Fox
Janet Musk Ox
Joanna Egret
Adam Lyon (formerly)


Lupe Toucan

Voice Actor

Kath Soucie

Deidre Koala is a student at Charles Darwin Middle School. She first appeared in "She's Koala That". She is voiced by Kath Soucie.


Deidre is a short, gray koala bear, who's ears are apparently part of her hair. She has messy, dim colored tan hair and her ears serve as pigtails. She has red glasses that magnify her eyes and hang on her big black nose. She has a big overbite and a facial ring that comes off of her nose. She wears a lavender buttoned shirt and a purple skirt and brown shoes. This appearance makes her very, very ugly. At the end of "She's Koala That", her appearance was modified for the better, with the only real change being made, being giving blue bows to her pigtails/ears. This was enough to make her considered "beautiful" in the eyes of everyone else at the school. However, in future episodes, she'd be back to her normal appearance again, excluding the bows.


Deidre is an unattractive, social outcast, with a long list of allergies and diseases. Due to this, she is an extreme germophobe and only eats and drinks specific kinds of disgusting, genetically modified foods and beverages. She talks in a very slow and depressed sounding tone, often droning on about her medical issues and grossing people out with her descriptive detail. She is rather apathetic toward her social life in general, not caring about having no friends, and showing the same lack of care for becoming popular.

Episode AppearancesEdit

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