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Voice Actor

Kath Soucie

Debbie "Deb" Ape is a transfer student at Charles Darwin Middle School, who was the love interest of Windsor in "Gorilla My Dreams".


In "Gorilla My Dreams", Deb transferred to Charles Darwin Middle School, as an exchange student from Cameroon. Windsor fell madly in love with her, but was too afraid to talk to her. When Adam and Jake asked him why he feared confrontation with her so much, he explained that in gorilla customs, when two gorillas date, they are obligated to stick together until death do them part and the whole idea of "breaking up" is simply not allowed. He was unsure if he wanted to spend his life with her, so he avoided anything that could make them fall in love. Deb constantly gave Windsor seductive looks and romantic calls, which made Windsor scream and run away in fear. Deb eventually overheard about Windsor's idealism, and explained that because they were still teenagers, it didn't matter if their relationship didn't last. The "together for life" thing only applies to adult gorillas, and middle school relationships don't last anyway. After this, the two of them finally started dating, and Deb made a joke, saying that they would someday have grandchildren.


Deb is basically the same character structure as Windsor, only with lighter fur, brown hair, worn in a ponytail with a blue holder, a green dress, and a blue skirt. Her dress has a picture of a yellow flower on it. She has green socks and black shoes. On top of that, she also has visible eyelashes and red lipstick.