"As it is wished for, so it shall be."
—David's phrase before he grants wishes
David Coppertrout
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David Coppertrout






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"The Magic Fish"

Voice Actor

Tom Kenny

David Coppertrout is a magic fish who attends Charles Darwin Middle School. He grants wishes to people who save his life. He first appeared in "The Magic Fish". He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


In "The Magic Fish", Jake splashed David out of the water and stupidly adored him instead of saving him. Adam saved him instead. David thanked him by giving Adam a wish. Adam didn't believe in magic, so he refused to make a wish. Throughout the episode, the other students harassed Adam, wanting him to give them his unused wish and Jake kept badgering David, for a second chance at saving his life and getting his wish. Adam finally wished for time to turn back, to before the wish fiasco even started. David proved that his magic was real, by transporting Adam back to the Prehistoric times.

In "That Darn Platypus", Rick Platypus dived into the water and pretended to drown. Adam didn't buy it at first, until David popped up and convinced him that a platypus would never fake their own death.

In "The Little Mermonkey", David Coppetrout made a cameo. Adam shoved Herman Hermit Crab down the toilet, scaring David out of there.

David had a major role on "Animal School Musical", where Jake scored a second chance at saving his life, which he did. Jake finally got a wish and wished for his school to become a musical. The school quickly grew weary of the music, but David said the only way it could end is if Jake learned how to rhyme. At the end, Adam swallowed him whole, making it his final appearance in the series. 


David is a pink coppertrout with big protruding eyes with blue irises. His darker pink top fin is combed into the shape of neatly combed hair and we wears a fancy white jacket.


David Coppertrout is an overly happy dappy fish with his head in the clouds. He's almost always completely unfazed by everything around him, being trapped in a blissful world of sunshine and rainbows. He does exemplify his true pain and suffering, should he ever be washed up on land or if he's eaten alive by Adam, or consistently annoyed by Jake's endless misnomers. David is also kind of a trickster, especially when it comes to granting wishes. If someone makes a simple wish, he'll often toy with them and give them technically what they want, but add in some extra craziness (mostly inconvenient), just because they never specified something about it.

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  • His name is a parody on David Copperfield, a famous magician.