Corey Vulture
Cory vulture


Corey Vulture


Predatory Bird





Voiced By

Tom Kenny

Corey Vulture is the on and off boyfriend of Lupe Toucan. He occasionally appears in the series, though not that often. He first appeared in "Lupe in Love".


In "Lupe in Love", Corey paid more attention to his beef jerky than he did to Lupe, leading her to break up with him for Jake's pet parrot, Orlando. Lupe soon found out that Orlando never really cared for her and would call just about any bird a "pretty bird", so she dumped him and went back to Corey.

In "Making the Grade", Corey was one of the dumb students in the mob against the smart students. He was seen in the giant circle of kids surrounding The Spiffies.

In "Hornbill and Ted's Bogus Journey", Corey walked past Mr. Hornbill and Ted Oxpecker, as the latter insulted him for his goth appearance and lifestyle of eating dead animals.

In "Four Eyed Jake", Lupe treated Corey like a servant. Adam pointed out that Lupe was too dependent on her boyfriend. Lupe justified this by continuing to treat Corey like this, only she'd occasionally tell him "She doesn't need him."

In "A Whole Zoo World", Corey one of the many animals who attempted an escape from the Zoo Aquarium.

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